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I hope I do not get purged lol - I also am mentoring Abbi currently, I am struggling to find new Toulan Born avatars to mentor, maybe I need to hang around Citadel more often to pick them up. I also am known in the community and pretty active in the chat, I am also helpful to when people ask for help too, usually when you are offline and you never see my helpfulness. But I am constantly helping people when and where I can.

I also as you know have been hosting events on Toulan too. So I really hope I am safe to stay as a member. Abbie is doing really well too, she is now at like 30% the last I checked, I am helping her pretty much daily too etc. I am a good mentor :)

Anyway just wanted to say this. :)


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I've already had a chat with Shadow about you and this is a no brainer ... you have been SO helpful, and always step in when needed. You have also become a Master at guiding the Mountain of Madness dynamic events, especially the Shrine event, and the results are impressive, so it would be quite nice to have you as a VCAT member.

Consider yourself a VCAT member with a 90 probationary period starting today, Sep 14th, with a review at the end of the 90 day period.

Thank you VERY much for all that you have done to support our efforts with the release of the final map section at DSEC-9. It has been a tremendous help to me with the multi-tasking I do every day (add Shadow to that too, LOL ... she's the best partner PERIOD), but also how beneficial this has all been to the community ... it has really made a difference, and I couldn't be happier about it. :thumbsup
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