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Requirements for becoming an VCAT team member:
  • have a good understanding of Monria/DSEC-9 and/or Toulan
  • --- know where everything is, including the missions and other NPCs, etc
  • --- participate in the Monria and Toulan chat channels as often as possible, and respond to questions if you can
  • explore the Virtualsense forum so you are able to direct people to the appropriate information needed
  • --- consider making a sticky note with links to specific forum info to provide quick responses, especially to guides
  • review of all applications for VCAT membership will be conducted by Monria and Toulan Co-Managers
  • --- they will assess whether an applicant has sufficient knowledge of VS locations and eligible for membership
  • --- if it is determined that knowledge is not sufficient enough, a person may reapply at a later date
  • --- new members will be given a 90 day probationary period with a review to follow
  • on another note, current VCAT members can be removed as a member due to the follow criteria:
  • --- no longer playing the game, or away from the game for a long period of time
  • --- not having complete enough knowledge of the VS locations and especially the one they frequent the most
  • --- meaning ... are in a current learning phase and unable to give accurate information when asked
  • --- making false statements across social media, forums, Discords that are misleading
  • --- exhibiting rude or disrespectful behavior to any community member
Applying for, and becoming a VCAT member is an important responsibility in supporting our efforts towards providing the type of service and care the community is deserving of, and each VCAT member should be exemplary in this respect. You are a representative of the Virtualsense spirit of what we want to convey to our community members.

All of our Community Initiative Programs (CIP) are indicative of teams that work together for the greater good of all, and members of each of these teams volunteer their time and effort to support the most pleasant, friendly and helpful environment possible. This includes interaction with our chat and trade channels, as well as giving assistance where needed ... with a smile.

If you are interested in signing up for the VCAT team, please post in this thread and give the following info:
  • full in-game name
  • time zone
  • length of time in game and EU experiences
  • how much knowledge you have of our VS locations
We understand that a person is not on Monria, DSEC-9 or Toulan at all times, but assistance can expand across the universe to represent the VCAT spirit with helping those in need where possible, so this attitude has to be carried at all times as a community representative.

The community will be encouraged to ask for assistance in either the Monria or Toulan chat channels.

If accepted into the team, your name will be added to the official list of VCAT team members and the official VCAT banner will be applied beneath your avatar photo at the forum.

Thank you. :)
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