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Hey guys,

Firstly I'd like to apologize for not being as accessible as I would like to be, the reason being that I've been travelling on business. It's been a stressful couple of weeks truth be told but I have people that I trust taking care of things so I hope my absence hasn't been too much of a pain. I have a long list of PM's to address and I'll try to get to them tonight. It's how I fund Monria so it is an unfortunate necessity I'm afraid. I try to limit my travel but from time to time I cannot avoid it.

The reason for this thread is to let you all know that I am restricting my personal social presence and removing the virtualsense website. There have been a lot of things played out in public recently and I have ignored my own advice and have done some reading on the other forums and on the web. The driver behind this is that while I've been away the posting has caused a lot of upset to my family. I don't want to particularly go into details but after reading the postings, chats, screenshots and other communications directed towards us I feel that the anger and determination to cause damage is unbalanced and unwarranted.

I realize that once things are out on the web they are never truly gone but I am trying to limit the damage. I wouldn't be posting this at all if it wasn't for the fact that this action alone will probably be used to further attack me so I feel its best to just explain my actions.


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Wipe your feet and move on...I say.
I am sad some people can be so malicious over small things and may their stay in Entropia Universe be cursed for evil deeds,so let it be let it be done. ;)
I am sorry you and your family were put through this...~Hugs~
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You are successful, and THAT alone is enough to cause others to hate you. Some people are not happy until they make everyone else around them miserable. Consider the source and don't worry about it. If you worried about every troll that started trouble you'd never have time to enjoy the game.

They simply are not worth it. Lies blow up like wildfire but quickly die out for the most part because the truth tends to prevail. Those who foolishly believe everything they see on the internet, well, you can't stop that. Joining them in their feces fight only gets you dirty too. The people who really matter are smart enough to see through the garbage and know the truth.

Hang in there and know that WE got YOUR back as well.

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