Virtualsense Quarterly | March 2022


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The Virtualsense Media Team is pleased to present the Virtualsense Quarterly | March 2022 magazine issue.

Here is the link to access the PDF file for viewing and downloading:
  • right click on the link and open in a new tab
  • you can read the magazine in single page mode in your browser -- or
  • you can download the PDF file and open it up in Acrobat Reader
Virtualsense Quarterly | March 2022

If you download the PDF and want to view it in proper two-page view (which is recommended for the full effect), do the following:
  • click on View
  • then click on Page Display
  • then choose Two Page View
  • make sure to check mark the following as well
  • --- Show Gaps Between Pages
  • --- Show Cover Page in Two Page View
A huge thank you to ShadowDragonV for her media partnership and continued contributions that make our quarterly magazines possible. Thank you also to Fire DBug Fly for letting me use a few of his photos in the St Patrick's Day Event article.

As always, mega thanks to Ant for creating such an engaging and vibrant environment across our locations. He never ceases to amaze me with his creativity, especially his official storyline writing that now connects all 3 locations, but I can also say that about Kendra as well, because she's right in the thick of the development and missions process too. She's always ready to lend support when needed. I love this team, and I feel blessed to be a part of it, but also blessed to work with so many of our community program teams to make things happen.

Our community is nothing less than phenomenal, I love that we are so caringly connected.

Thank You 💜


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