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Eleni Von Estlla has been our VS Space Programs Manager for a while now and doing an exceptional job of it, but real life has intruded on her time and will need to take a break, but it's all good stuff so we're happy about that at least. Not happy that she won't be around as frequently because we love her so much, but when she's able to come back after getting things sorted, there's a plan in place. You can learn more about Eleni in the player profile I did on her in the Virtualsense September 2021 Quarterly magazine. The link goes directly to the PDF that you can download to see in 2-page view.

In the meantime, she is passing the baton to her close friend and crazy partner in all things adventure and crime, who also happens to be a Yamato Pilot and manages to keep us on course during our Friday and Sunday warp schedules. That would be Dea Kali Devi, and you can read more about her in the player profile I did on her in the Virtualsense June 2022 Quarterly magazine. The link goes directly to the PDF that you can download to see in 2-page view.

Dea has been in chat with a couple of community members and considering reviving the VS Repair Skilling Program on a minimal basis depending on interest and time, but if that happens an announcement will be made.

When Eleni is able to return, the plan is for her and Dea to be Co-Managers of our VS Space Programs. They've worked together in this capacity for quite a while now, and do a tremendous job of it, so it's nothing new and they look forward to it when the time comes.

Please be aware of the following links if you are either on the Yamato guest list, or interested in traveling with us during our Friday and Sunday warp schedules ... the only time it changes is when the weekend-long Toulan monthly event is active, then we fly on Thursday and Monday.

Virtualsense Space Travel Sign-Up

Virtualsense Space Travel Warp Schedule

The reason everyone has to sign up to be on the guest list is because we have to keep those eligible for the free travel benefit separate from those who are paying passengers (fee is 6 PED for a full schedule trip) ... Monria> Toulan> Arkadia> Calypso> Rocktropia> Cyrene> Next Island> Toulan> Monria. The route is designed to give our booth and shop owners, as well as those selling from shopkeepers in their Monria or Toulan apartments an opportunity to run the route to conduct business and still be able to catch the final summons to go to the next location and end up back at their home. All Monrian and Toulan Born players, as well as apartment, booth and shop owners are eligible for our free space travel benefit.

We are not the usual warp service, and don't do VIP warps. We never intended to be, but some like our scheduled route and wanted to be able to use the service, which is why we implemented the passenger fee many years ago. The route never changes, which is why it's good to keep a link handy to the schedule. All paying passenger fees collected go directly to the Yamato Pilot on duty for each warp schedule, Virtualsense takes nothing.

I personally want to thank Eleni for her dedication and management of our VS Space Programs and wish her well with the real life stuff, but it is my understanding that it's a good thing and an opportunity ... that's all we need to know, so please don't ask. :)

We love you Eleni, BIG time, and hope that it's not TOO long before you come back and start kicking up a storm again. 💜

Please stay in touch whenever you can. 🌹

The following is an inside joke, and a showing of respect for Eleni and her pal Kermit who for some reason became somewhat of a Mascot, and a purveyor of all things basically crazy, but that's just how we roll ... we like to entertain our passengers, LOL ...

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