Virtualsense VU 21.2.1 | Patch


Spawn of Azathoth
Today there was a Patch to the 21.2 release with the following fixes/adjustments:

  • Fixed laptop 3 and Laptop 4 upgrade missions
  • Reduced the wave cool down to 15 mins
  • Moved the access card and laptops from the Materials tab
  • Updated Mission Dialogue
  • Corrected the Description for the Adjusted Gloves upgrade so it displays correct armor part
  • Removed Fallen Dog Tags from DSEC Bot CB-Prototype
  • Reduced cool down to 5 hours for ‘picking parts for trade’ mission
  • Fixed the ‘where’s my pants mission’ so correct gender Monrian Pants is given
  • Removed curtains from shop fronts
  • Increased idle time for Bahri wave to 7 minutes
  • Fixed the visual on the sabad finder amp v1 BP
  • Added reward to the description for the daily taming mission
  • Added return to Thana objective and added the reward in the description to the Daily Mining Quest
  • Adjusted the Kurti Dress
  • Fixed the daily crafting mission bug (Craft 10 Aqeeq)
Known Issues
  • View from first balcony waypoint in ‘Dec and Derelict’

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