Wallpapers and Colors - Secret Bazar - Toulan Tower, Floor 1, apt G


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In front of east televator in Nahar Tower, at floor nr.1 you can find the apartment G, that I purchased with Mirsal Tokens...
hideing in it there's a showroom, that I'd like to furnish with a shopkeeper and selling textures from Toulan and paints, I would also add fancy textures from other planets on request BUT... SO FAR...

Get a drink and pm me for textures and and paints! I just landed on Toulan with a tanker of joy from Rocktropia, let me get off the ship all the barrels

Eleni Von Estlla

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Sorry, i had to come and taste that wine... And it was hidden in the director's office!
Lot of drinks indeed!

Actually seen a texture ive never seen before, very interesting :)

Entropia 2021-04-06 22.18.16.png


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An adversting sign shows you the location of my secret showroom into the apartment and tells you to make a visit at Heidi's Bazaar, the biggest shop of the planet actually running! Besides weapons, vehicles, mineral resources, animal oils, tools etc. etc. you can find also some textures that I can craft in large quantities and sell through Heidi.

Entropia 2021-04-15 12.05.58.png
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