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Hey all,
would it make sense and would it be possible to rework wave events a bit, so they would be more like the caly waves?
I mean instead of killing everything in the zone, make there a progress bar for each wave, once 100% is reached, wave is done and we move to next stage?
Also timer would be nice, to know how much time for wave remains.
Thx :)


One more idea here, regarding bosses:
People are discouraged to do the events, because bosses are way too tough damage wise. Damage this high can be ok if it's AOE (like monthly event bosses were), but boss with ~100 ped cost to kill, can't be hitting harder than 3k ped Sand King.
This way, more people would be interested in doing it, while those few who are able to solo them now, can continue doing it.
Other way would be to just lower the dmg a bit.

Toulan is a very nice planet with a lot of potential and people behind are very experienced, but I would say, it's no shame to borrow some ideas from Caly, where wave events are much more player friendly and finetuned over years and implement it in Toulan similar way.
Player base is much lower than on Caly, so getting group that can do the full wave is really hard and even if we get together 10 players, they get wiped out few times before kill.

Some examples from Caly I'm referring to:
Daikiba wave boss: ~30 ped to kill, easy to solo with mid lvl gear
Maffoid wave boss: ~50 ped to kill, doable with mid lvl gear, soloable with mid gear + plates
Traesk wave boss: ~200 ped to kill, doable with mid lvl gear, soloable only with good gear and decent DPS
Goki wave boss: ~350 ped to kill, doable with mid lvl gear in 5 people, higher lvl gear with 2 people, soloable only by ubers
Rex wave boss: ~3000 ped to kill, end game boss, need decent amount of people, can't be soloed (except for maybe few players)
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