Winter Holiday Decoration Sale

Kain Dewey Fall

VCAT Team Member
I will be out of Country for the first time ever and on Vacation with my Family from December 16th to December 24th. I more than likely will not be available during this time so this sale is valid up until December 16th. Hope you all have a Happy Holiday this year.

Candy Canes are a floor/table Deco but you can only see them if they are hanging off of something, I like to put then on stuff like window ledges or table corners and line the edges or do 2 with a doll or something.
Calypso Candy Cane: TT+ 1.99ped: 2.00ped

Wall Deco:
Christmas Garland: TT+ 0.49ped: 0.50ped
Christmas Reindeer: TT+ 1.99ped: 2.00ped
Reindeer Trophy: You have to go hunting with me for an hour and hangout for me to consider giving this to you. :D

Present Storage Boxes:
Julklapp 2011: TT+ 5.00ped: 6.00ped
Julklapp 2012: TT+ 3.00ped: 4.00ped
Julklapp 2013: TT+ 3.00ped: 4.00ped
Julklapp 2014: TT+ 2.00ped: 3.00ped
Julklapp 2015: TT+1.99ped: 2.00ped
Julklapp 2016: TT+1.99ped: 2.00ped

Holiday Momentos:
Christmas Advent Candlestick: TT+ 1.99ped: 2.00ped
Christmas Tree 2017: TT+ 1.99ped: 2.00ped
Julbok: TT+ 1.99ped: 2.00ped
Gift Wrapped Box: TT+0.99ped: 1.00ped

Toys/ Plushies/ Dolls:
[Christmas Nusul Plushie] "With Scarf and glowing nose"
TT+0.99ped: 1.00ped
[Christmas Nusul Plushie] "Without Scard and glowing nose"
TT+1.99ped: 2.00ped
[Araneatrox Doll]
TT+1.00ped: 2.00ped
[Argonaut Cuddly Toy]
TT+0.99ped: 1.00ped
[Christmas Bokol Plushie]
TT+2.99ped: 3.00ped

Other great Winter Holiday Items that I have available:
TT+4.99ped: 5.00ped
[Chomper Rug]
TT+1.00ped: 2.00ped
[Jul Star Plant]
TT+ 1.99ped: 2.00ped
[Calypso Snowman]
TT+1.99ped: 2.00ped
[Christmas Cloth]
TT+0.99ped: 1.00ped
[Christmas Balloon]
TT+2.99ped: 3.00ped
[Christmas Lantern]
TT+0.99ped: 1.00ped
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