Words and Utterances : Population of Toulan

Eleni Von Estlla

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Through the Ages, the Oracle has been consulted, by the Sultans and Sultanas of Toulan.
Shaping the world to its highest Grandeur, even more so, to its total demise.

It is now time for another travel through Time, for that you seek to know.

In the Age of Ancients, a great Sultan once built a magnificent Empire.
Sabad, i think it was called, perhaps you are familiar? No... How could you be....
Together, you, Insians and Narians, hands in hands, brought prosperity, peace, and a melodious life accross Toulan.
Tis' only a legend you say? May you think again.
To the holder of the Book of Law, the Three Mages were the subjects.
And with the help of the Mages, Qumran Badi al-Zaman, the extraordinary magician Sovereign, held the balance between the different races.

The Mages had much more sinister plans, and wanted a much sinister Nawa to animate Toulan, and while the Narians could have easily overtaken the Insians, Qumran kept them in check through his magic.
He was the last ruler to govern over a peaceful Toulan, before the Narians were sent behind Bab al-Thalam: The Door of Darkness; and would cost him his life...

Qumran descendants, unable to keep the peace between the two peoples, and with the Narians sealed away, the Mages seized the opportunity to grab the Astrolab, to become Masters, and to enslave the Insians.
Through Civil war and chaos rising, and the politics at risk, the Safians, as secretive as powerful as they may be, saw fit to intervene, called upon me to work with the sultan, to use Safian knowledge and write new laws into the Book.
With a whisper of the poorly, bedridden, once magnificent Qumran, the laws were set, the Mages then went into hiding, not to draw any more attention from the Safians, the Narians were sealed away for good, and the balance was set right again.

This events have set public hostilities between Insians, Narians, and the Mages, as you know today, or may not know... yet.

It then then, generations later that Toulan saw, perhaps, its most magnificent Age, and its most destructive.
Sinmar, descendant of Qumran, aspring to bring an unprecedented glory on Toulan, decided to seek the Mages, since they were the only link left between Insians and Narians.
When the time came, I called Sinmar to me, and passed on to him the Book of Laws, for with it the Mages may be traced and found.
Through his perilous journey, he eventually found the Mages, and, as arrogant as he was, required them to fix the Astrolab.
But then I suppose it was what drew the Mages out of their initial disdain of him. They could see the potential in the man for greatness, and they could sense the hold they would have on him through his pride.

This is what led to the world you can see today, Little One.

The Mages helped rebuilding Toulan, to its perhaps, most beautiful state through the Ages.
But with this, they also gained access to the three Towers, channels for Nawa, and the Astrolab.

They wasted no time to raise the insurrection, and divide the Insians in wandering tribes.
The non believers, outcasts, settled by the Qifar desert.
The Proud defenders of Al-Nahar City, stayed on the outskirts of the city, to prevent any threat reaching the walls.
Some, less involved, a wilder tribe, protecting merchants through the mountains.

And it is during the War, that followed shortly, that some more sinister forms of Insians came to life..
Villagers and fishermen were slain, and turned into shapeless creatures.
Enslaved insians were turned into beautiful hybrids, standing proud by the Narian Temple.
Local faune fled their home, and had no chance but to suffer from the chaos arising on the planet.
Evil creatures were unleashed, and it is near the end, that once again, the Safians felt they had to put things to an end.

The planet turned silent.
It was so peaceful.. It was like, the Dark.

It has been centuries, before you finally came to find me again.
And the world has not much changed since.
You are still here, born Insian, with your very own soul.
Yet, I can feel your determination, the same as in any of your kind.

So, tell me Little One,
Why are you standing here?
What is that you seek?
Rebuilding the Planet again, or fulfilling your own personal greed?
How far will you go, for your Queen?
How far will your Queen wish to go?
How will you keep the balance?

Now go Little One, and may we meet again.

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