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Please use this thread for all communication regarding:
  • announcing a repair skilling run
  • indicating your interest in participating in a repair skilling run
  • asking questions
The goal is to get as many new and low-level players doing the repair runs as possible so they can skill up quicker and move along their path of progression with their experiences. For right now, Tedros 420 will be conducting the repair skilling runs on non-event Saturdays and he will be doing advertising in chat channels in the game during the week leading up to the Saturday repair skilling run, and an ad will also be placed in the Monria and Toulan ad systems in the game for the duration of the week leading up to the Saturday run.

Might be a good idea to friend list Tedros 420 in the game in case you have any questions there as well.

Check in on the Yamato Repair Skilling Schedule and be sure to review the Yamato Repair Skilling Program for details on how repair runs are done, and what is expected during a repair run.
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