Yamato Warp Services Will Resume on Friday, Nov 13th


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As a result of several people stepping forward and expressing interest in piloting and/or flight management during our Yamato warp services, we will be able to resume the warp service effective Friday, Nov 13th. Avum is doing some preliminary training this week, and our new Yamato crew members will have an opportunity to begin actual pilot and/or flight management activities this coming Friday.

I want to thank those who are volunteering their time to join us because our warp service is a valuable community program and we want to keep it consistently running. Our new Yamato crew members will help us achieve this, and we appreciate their support.

Please take note though, that the start time of the warp schedules has been changed again to starting one hour later at 19:00 game time ... this is to accommodate Yamato crew and their time zones, or availability due to work schedules.

The relevant travel schedule threads have been updated accordingly.

Thank you again for your patience while this was being sorted, it's appreciated.
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