yamato's calypso low orbit question


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hi everyone, last time i left yamato in calypso low orbit position there were several "red triangles" (pirates) between me and calypso. one of them seemed to chase vehicles going for the planet surface. i understand i can get shot down here as the red "pvp" light on my interface was on, but my question is: can i also be looted in this area between yamato and calypso? the "lootable pvp" lamp wasn't red.

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It shouldn't be loot-able between space station and planets. Even if able to be shot at (normal pvp), it's safe travels lootwise between SS and planet afaik.


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Where we drop passengers at "low orbit" Calypso is PvP, but not lootable, just like going from the Space Station to the planet. Also, Dea turns the Yamato so that the portal that you fly out is facing the planet, so it's a short nip before you get the landing message. As long as you log out during warps and watch the Shoutbox at the forum to know when to log in and exit, you'll be ok.
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