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hi everyone, my sleipnir is now beyond repair and i can't deposit due to technical issue. my question is: if i travel with yamoto to calypso, can i tp from yamoto to calypso space station (to be picked up by a friend) or does the low-orbit prevent this? i also was a little confused last time i made this trip as there were no announcement when we reached the low-orbit. thanks for any input.

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Yes, if you are able to travel on the Yamato during it's schedule, you can use the tp to go to Calypso SS once it docks and have a friend come get you or travel down with someone who might be going down to Calypso from the Yamato anyways once it arrives to Calypso. Some aboard might just take you down for free anyways, then come back up when summoned.
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Here is the chat log from the Force chat channel that can only be seen on the Yamato with Dea's announcements:

2023-12-31 19:57:13 [Force] [Dea Kali Devi] ATTENTION PASSENGERS: If you are carrying loot, please log off and monitor the VS Shoutbox for when it is safe to log in at your destination.
2023-12-31 19:57:15 [Force] [Dea Kali Devi] Entering PVP, next stop is Calypso low orbit.
2023-12-31 20:01:54 [Force] [Dea Kali Devi] Clear to exit low orbit Calypso
2023-12-31 20:02:47 [Force] [vladislav NightRaveN moscaliuc] who's with me caly?
2023-12-31 20:04:09 [Force] [chris moneyme mo] i can volunteer if a quad drop is needed to a planet for the trip
2023-12-31 20:05:57 [Force] [Dea Kali Devi] Heading to the Calypso SS.
2023-12-31 20:07:13 [Force] [Dea Kali Devi] The Yamato is now docked at the Calypso SS.

And here are Dea's announcements for Calypso from the forum Shoutbox:
  1. Dea: Clear to exit low orbit Calypso Sunday at 4:02 PM
  2. Dea: The Yamato is now docked at the Calypso SS. Sunday at 4:07 PM
Dea is very reliable with making our warp schedule announcements, and as you can see, a couple of passengers offered a ride down to the planet if needed. Also, once we got to the Calypso Space Station, you could take the Yamato TP down to the Calypso SS and have a friend pick you up from there.

While traveling with us during our warp schedule, it's important to pay attention to the Force chat channel, or watch the Shoutbox at the forum to know when we are at your location. If you're Sleipnir needed repairing, you can place it in the Hangar and any one of us would gladly repair it for you.

I hope this helps.
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