Yog broodmother loot bug?


This has been bothering me for a couple of events now. The yog broodmother loots are SO low...
Sure they have a high global rate, but this is only because of the low global threshold.

Here's some info on the valentine event.
Total amount of globals: 224
50+: 9
40-75: 0 No globals of this value.
30-39: 30
20-29: 35
10-20: 150

So 9 real globals in a 12 hours long grindfest.
Keep in mind that yog broodmother has 2k+ hp. If you compare this to simliar caly mobs, the multipliers are pathetic. At 3 dmg/pec with some regen that's (roughly) 6-8 ped cost to kill.

I lost 1k ped several times now in 2,5 hours of hunting broodmothers.

Is it possible the loots on the broodmothers are f***ed because of the low global threshold?
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