Yog Pet Passive Effect Bugged


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The passive effect (excavator mastery) on my Yog pet does not seem to work for me. I have tried with different excavators. There is no passive effect icon when I spawn the pet and the stats of the excavator remain unchanged. I have submitted a support case (#359512) in July 2018. Sadly nothing has changed since then.


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Thanks for posting Curd, I didn't know this was going on that long. I will direct Ant to this thread. Hopefully this will get sorted.

Do you know of anyone else who is having this issue with any other pet, whether a Monria pet or othwise?

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Just want to say i have been testing this due to my same suspicions and even though there is no icon to say there is an buff, there is definitely a noticeable speed increase which can be seen on the reload timer while mining (with and without the Yog spawned)
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