Yog uber.... say what?!!!


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I came to Monria to help the group fight the commander boss and stayed to work on some missions.
I had asked the day before, "what mobs hof here?," knowing it's a silly question, but I wanted to know which ones it most frequently occurs.
I got the response "the lucky ones."
I looked on EFlife and saw that last Yog uber was 263 DAYS AGO! I liked hunting those before and one I was most progressed on 1k mission for.

Next day I was hunting them in the crater wave and on the 3rd or 4th wave, I killed a mob, and went afk for a sec to see what my cat was doing.
I came back and looted the body and BAM
Killed a monster (Yog Penetrator) and found loot with a value of 2325 PED!

This is my 3rd largest loot playing since 2009, beating out a Longtooth by 120 peds in 2014. Last uber I had was 2015. Been a long time coming!

Thanks Monria - no picture to share. All shrapnel (careful - don't right click that stack!)

Entropia 2022-01-30 17-38-58-98.png

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