You need to believe Fonne when he says - That's the Whipping Waypoint


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There's a fun story behind the photo posted above ... Misho had asked in Toulan chat where Suffian was located and I put the waypoint in chat ... that's when fonne spoke up and said that it was the whipping waypoint. While I was standing there, a player came by to engage with Suffian but it wasn't Misho ... when I asked Misho if they were coming to see Suffian, they said that they weren't on Toulan and got the waypoint for a friend because they don't speak English well.

So, long story short ... an unknown avatar escaped a whipping, and Misho was happy to be on another planet, LOL ... :rolleyes

That means, for every player who escapes a whipping, it gets added to fonne's punishment log. :nana
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