Your registered Entropia Universe account has been temporarily locked for investigation according to the ToU §5.

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Hello friends.
MA blocked my account without proof. Accusing me of fraud. Links to screenshots below:

I re-read all the policies and all the rules of MA and did not find any rules that prohibit the transfer of items or PEDs from a player to a player for free. It turns out that MA has hidden rules that it does not openly announce. It turns out that any player can be blocked forever without explanation or evidence. I hope my story makes you think, Entropy players. Good luck everyone.


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Hi there ...

Sorry to hear about your account being locked, but this is something we won't be able to interfere with as a Planet Partner. It would need to be worked out with MindArk through a Support Case because we don't have the means to be able to look into it.

Also, you might want to post this same thread at the Calypso forum where the majority of the EU community are, but also MindArk Officials.

Here is a link to the Calypso Forum ...

Good luck with getting this sorted.
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