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    Toulan Fashion Show - June 18 - 1700 Game Time

    The goal of this contest is first, to have fun. Second, it is to promote the great textures and clothing of Toulan. There will be two contests: First: All Toulan Use only Toulan clothes Use only Toulan textures Use any Toulan armor (not required) Use any paints Male and Female Category...
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    Clothing and Textures

    First Feedback: Thank you for continuing the tradition that Toulan has had for being a fashion source. It has long offered reasonable alternatives like the Labibah and Elder coats and I think the latest editions have added to that. I also appreciate the wide variety of textures and the fact that...
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    Shopkeeper Inventory List - Nahar Towers, Apt E - Floor 5

    INVENTORY LIST FOR SHOPKEEPERS @ ( SHOPKEEPER ) Totally Toulan *Labibah Coat (F,C) * Assorted in Toulan Textures *Liqa Pants (F,C) * Assorted in Toulan Textures *Sahari Pleat (F,C) * Assorted in Toulan Textures *Adrees Shoes (F,C) * Assorted in Toulan Textures *Delia Shirt (F,C) * Assorted in...
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    Cthulhu Tower, Shop #3 - Inventory List

    The following inventory is available at Cthulhu Tower, Shop 3 ... CURRENT INVENTORY LIST (as of 01/11/2022) @ ( SIDE ROOM - 1st Floor Left ) Armatrix * ArMatrix LB-15 (L) * level 15, dps 33.5, efficiency 62.8%, uses ammo * ArMatrix LB-45 (L) * level 45, dps 71.3, efficiency 65.2, uses ammo...
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.4

    Please please let this be the very, very near future. This is not only creates a texture that many like, its the ingredient in several key items that sell very well. Toulan did an amazing job with offering clothing bps for items that are affordable alternatives, like the Labibah coat. Now that...
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.1

    I came back to mine, hunt, and craft but the mining seems a little off. I am getting lysterium and oil with every finder at every location. No other ores and enmatters seem to be available. This is killing the crafting that is such great part of what Toulan has to offer. When will mining be back...
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.1.1

    Mining What is happening with mining? I have mined a great deal here and never had issues finding things but all I see now are lyst and oil. I've tried multiple types of finders.
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.1

    Excited but Concerned I am excited to see progress here on Toulan. I am concerned about the ongoing loot changes. I craft weapons, clothing, and textures regularly for shops. The exciting thing is that there are people out there who want Toulan items. The bad news is that one week we might get...
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    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Alya Alya Drarh

    Game Experience. I joined in 2017, born on Calypso. I have since played nearly every day exploring the EU universe and engaging in all kinds of EU activities. I love to hunt (my strongest overall skills relate to hunting), craft, mine, tame, texture and paint, and more. I have shops for which I...
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    VCAT | Sign Up for the Team

    I'm trying to be more attentive to the chat to answer questions and of course spend more time on Monria. I'd be honored to help out if needed.
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    Monria | Spear Aerial Ballet Over Water | Malgar & Shadow

    The music is perfect. Love it!
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    Monria 2018 | St Patrick's Day Event | RESULTS

    Oh wow, yes I will, thank you. -Alya
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    Monria 2018 | St Patrick's Day Event | RESULTS

    I was a little shocked to recognize one of those apartments! Sadly I could not attend. Had a RL issue that took me to a house for the weekend without electricity or plumbing and a heck of a lot of work to do. I so missed my computer and EU. What a weekend to not be on Monria. It sounds like it...
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