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    Welcome! I've just recently settled on Toulan myself ;)
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    Eleni & Miles

    *Blush* you make me.. :o
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    Belkar, Caldorite and Iron

    Any perticular places I can find Mamnoon Mist?
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    Belkar, Caldorite and Iron

    All I found so far are Lysterium and a bit of Narcanisium
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    Belkar, Caldorite and Iron

    Hey guys, Can Belkar, Caldorite and/or Iron be found on Toulan?
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    Dahkim G2(L)

    Very very nice! Big Gratz! :cool:
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    Toulan Colonization Plan

    Something about Toulan makes me wanna colonize it :p Here's the plan: I will buy sweat from anyone sweating on Toulan for 2.5ped/k (max 4k per day) When I can I will be offering free rides to Toulan Spread the word :cool:
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