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    The problem with the apprenticeship reward

    Sorry for the inconvenience, we're aware of this issue and still working on the fix. Plz post your full avatar name, we will make sure you get your reward properly when the fix is applied. Thanks Ahirudduck.
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    The problem with the apprenticeship reward

    Hi Lielo, We'll look into the mentors/disciples issues, we will make sure you get your reward properly, just send me a PM with your full avatar name. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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    Restricted Access to Toulan

    Sorry for any inconvenience, we're investigating this graphical issue to apply a fix asap. If support does not move your avatar to a new location soon, please send me a PM here with your full avatar name to follow up from our side. Thanks Lunar and Kain for your valued input.
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    I would love a statement from Toulan devs/roadmap/ideas/future

    Thanks Hally, your questions are highly valid and we understand the issues and concerns which we are constantly addressing. I appreciate your enthusiasm for Toulan, please do mention any issue even smaller ones, share your suggestions and dreams, we take everyone's notes in detail.
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    Ahlan's Old Vehicle

    That's a good catch! it certainly isn't designed to be customizable. We'll apply a fix for it. Thanks Legacy! keep your valued feedback coming.
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    Bahar the mining guide

    Hi Valerie, New Player Experience have changed depending if the player has started on Toulan or has arrived from space. If you please check NPC Salam, at The Citadel he'll guide you to where you have to go from there. Thanks and please keep your valued feedback coming!
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    Hides in loot

    We'll look into "Khaffash Hide" , please mention any other items you also need to us to investigate. Thanks B-K!
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

    With an upcoming patch, we'll apply a solution for the issue of taming the new pet. For those going the exchange old Karmoosh Lateef route, we'll see how your liking the solution when applied, and then get your feedback, as we always strive to make everyone happy. Thanks!
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    Bug Report: Karmoosh Aleef - Untameable

    Thanks Avalon, we understand this situation and are applying a solution in an upcoming patch soon. We will announce once the patch is applied, and will make sure all who accessed these instances are happy with the fix. For now, please keep holding on to your (Karmoosh Aleef Lab Keys) and avoid...
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

    Hi Spawn, I understand where you're coming from with your frustration. But if you plz allow me to win you over, by addressing some points The promise has been fulfilled, Aleef is the solution to a several years lack-of-buff-issue of Lateef. What do you think of Aleef's buffs? Would you agree...
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    Thanks Avalon and B-K, all input is noted, and we strive to apply solutions that make everyone happy! Keep your feedback coming.
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    Error with mission "Give me your Karmoosh Lateef"

    Regarding mission "Give Me Your Karmoosh Lateef" by NPC Kenda Sorry for the inconvenience with this error, we're fixing it asap. Until fix arrives, anyone who gives their Karmoosh Lateef pet to NPC Kenda and does not get (Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key) Please post here, with your full avatar name...
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

    no need to re-do mission, these are issues we account for as some players would have active missions, that we apply changes/fixes for at VU, such as your scenario. please proceed with mission as normal, and if any problem arise when you complete it, we'll address it no problem. Thanks Wang...
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

    Release notes updated with further explanation on Kenda missions.
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

    Hi Noorie, Sorry for inconvenience, we're investigating this error, but don't worry you'll get this mission reward, just send me a private message plz to communicate details. Hi Wang, Yes, Karmoosh Lateef the old pet which was complained about with its lack of buffs, is now considered...
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