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    Monria 2023 | St Patrick's Day Event | Necronomicon Even More Dangerous

    Please register Team - Orbiting Monria Leader - Doc Orbitorb Gamer
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    Monria Event | Sat, Jan 14th | We Can't Become Complacent

    Congratulations all winners :)
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    Virtualsense Team 7 Year Anniversary Event | Nov 26th

    Well done winners :bravo
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    Toulan Event | Oct 14-16 | Reflections

    Wow nearly forgot the events switch round a bit near end of year, it’s going to be mayhem with all the boss mobs at beginning, if more like me forget lol. Also not seen even posts on discord.
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    Shrine of the Elder Gods event

    Was good to be at the Shrine yesterday and managed to attempt to complete twice, I suppose there are quite a few variables for Boss to be taken down before all completed the Tier 3, but that aside it is a fantastic new event and looking forward to getting suit one day, the run speed buff will be...
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    Happy Birthday DME

    Happy Birthday 🥳
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    Toulan Event | Jun 24th - Jun 26th | Temples in Danger

    hi I was just checking event and doesn’t look like it is posted on discord, it might just be my side not updating or I missed it but thought best say in case been missed :)
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    Monria Event | Evil Forces Are Gathering

    Gz all winners :)
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    Nahar tower televator

    Hi sorry did not respond quicker I flew to monria shortly after post ready for event :)
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    Nahar tower televator

    Hi I was in nahar tower about 19:00 Monday 10th and attempting about 4 times to use televator on floor 7 to go to 6 and it attempted move but kept appearing back on 7 ( at end near booth with luggage) I went to other end of tower and used televator ok
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    WOW fantastic update, I think I might need to start working on a crown.
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    Toulan Monthly Weekend-Long Event | Jan 29th - Jan 31st

    Hi after last event did anyone manage to make a list of the 22 mob maturities? Also we’re they across 4 or 5 locations? :)
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