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    Cult of Shut'thend (Cultists) | Mob Level / HP / Loot / Other Data

    Dmg tipe is impact / acid found so far on them
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    DME Availability

    I can be active in that day for you :))
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    Selling Toulan shop

    Around 25k but am open to any offers including items
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    Server Downtime for Release

    Easter mayhem is here 6 more days
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    Selling Toulan shop

    Hi , i want to sell a toulan shop it is located on floor 7 shop 16 . I really dont have time for it atm . So fell free to shoot an offer here or pm me in game if you are intrested . Kind Regards ! Raindrop .
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    Toulan Book of Life | Lost Pages Acquired

    I got a page potion 103 it is a shop
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    Damage type test DSEC9

    Lotus armor with lotus plates
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    Lotus spawn is gone !

    Hi . After ths big update the lotus invaders area spawn is cut with 50%. Half of the map is empty now and the areas with mobs are just some . Need to run half of the time after mobs . For farming milions of molten need a bigger spawn . When are 3-4 hunters in the same time it is even harder ...
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    level 0 codex to level 17 codex on OTIS (Mov levels 45 - 58)

    Hey Ary i can tell you to go kill lower mobs from dsec for armor parts . Otis not good for that .
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    Congratz great aciv !
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    Lotus instances !

    Yay my mother has one looks pretty much like that one :)
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    Lotus instances !

    Who is Sally ?
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    Lotus instances !

    The devs told me was a MA mistake i dont pull it out of my hat you know when you looted 13 parts so argue wuth them . I looted 2 pieces and am repeat 15 on lotus invaders so i think i killed as much as you . This post was not to tell about your luck i onesty dont care i just told players how...
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