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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to be first to give a guide here for this mission as I begin my explorations Deeper into DSEC-9.

This Guide Assumes You have already Unlocked The Lotus Teleporter and the Second Map section of Dsec to get the the first waypoint and the Stranger in the woods.

If you have not you can see this guide from Shadow about moving around DSEC.

Each Mushroom counts as 1, after you discover it, move on till you locate all 10 mushrooms

The Clear the Path stage of the ‘Welcome to the Dark Side’ chain is a daily repeatable with 2 PED worth of Universal Ammo as a reward.

Make sure to pick up the mission for Blueprints as they both Count at the same time.
Destroy Creatures - Repeatable Reward 0.30 Ped Total Blueprints
"/wp [DSEC9, 38079, 23933, 105, Waypoint]"
[Zokaraneus Texture Blueprint (L)][Tegunestene Texture Blueprint (L)][Shogghols Texture Blueprint (L)]

Important Steps:
12 - The Old Man - /wp [DSEC9, 37489, 23899, 108, Waypoint]
17 - Mission Rewards
Malwood Recruit Eagle (L) 0.09 Ped
Fanoos Medical V1 (L) 0.05 Ped
Universal Ammo 0.70 Ped
42 - Teleporter Larches Green
44 - ShadowDragonV Mission
47. Kill 50 Zokaraneus Hatchlings - Juveniles/Adolescents Do Not Count

Begin your Journey

Travel to the Lotus Teleporter in the Upper Left Quadrant of Dsec-9.

You can use /WP then the Coordinates to put these coordinates into EU for you.
1. Begin by accessing the Teleporter at /wp [DSEC9, 36420, 23462, 106, Waypoint]

ScreenHunter 3096.png
ScreenHunter 3097.png

2. You will Arrive on the Arrival Runes with the Stranger in the Woods in the Distance.
3. Speak with the Stranger in the Woods to Accept the Welcome to the Dark Side Mission

ScreenHunter 3098.png

4. Where did they go?

ScreenHunter 3099.png

5. I'll Go ask him, Farther from the Mountain of Madness?

ScreenHunter 3100.png

6. Good Idea, I'll go get some now. -- Magic Mushrooms, this guy has some weird eating habits.

ScreenHunter 3101.png

7. Mission Update: Meet an Old Man - Collect Strange Mushrooms on the way to the old Man's House

ScreenHunter 3102.png
ScreenHunter 3103.png

8. You can skirt the Shogghols mobs and go safely to the left and down the river. If you like, they are very sweat-able solo or with a small group and then drown along the way.

ScreenHunter 3106.png

9. Look for and Click the "Funny Mushrooms" near the base of the Tree

ScreenHunter 3107.png

10. Repeat this till completing 10/10
TIP: Each Mushroom counts as 1, after you discover it, move on till you locate all 10 mushrooms

ScreenHunter 3108.png

11. Mission will update


12. Go speak with the Old Man Across the Bridge.
/WP [DSEC9, 37489, 23899, 108, Waypoint]

ScreenHunter 3110.png

ScreenHunter 3111.png

14. I'm sorry I'm new around these parts. I brought MUSHROOMS!


15. We shall have some Hippy Tea!

ScreenHunter 3114.png

16. Accept the task from the Old Man. Creepy spying Monsters - Free Gun and Ammo - Yes Please

ScreenHunter 3115.png

17. Swunt for your Life! I guess someone was trying to tell me something! Get some friends together to swunt!

ScreenHunter 3116.png

ScreenHunter 3118.png

Note: You can kill more mobs, and sweat more than required for this mission


18. Return to the old man

ScreenHunter 3121.png

19. I think so. They Looked horrible.

ScreenHunter 3122.png

20. Oh, okay here you go.

ScreenHunter 3123.png

21.Trade 10 Sweat

ScreenHunter 3124.png

22. Can you tell me what happened in the village and why it's abandoned?

ScreenHunter 3125.png

23. That's terrible. What happened in the mountain?

ScreenHunter 3127.png

24. He looks away. Clearly disturbed

ScreenHunter 3128.png

25. What did the search party say?

ScreenHunter 3129.png

26. What did they do then?

ScreenHunter 3130.png

27. Calling the Kettle Black?

ScreenHunter 3131.png

28. Hidden Mines - F-105 me!

ScreenHunter 3132.png

29. Oh right, the "Tea"

ScreenHunter 3133.png

30. Oh, we do the baby finder. Check! This should not take long.

ScreenHunter 3134.png

31. Go mining for 5 Drops

ScreenHunter 3136.png

32. Oh this man and his "Tea"

ScreenHunter 3137.png

33. Mission Update Why did they all leave?

ScreenHunter 3138.png


ScreenHunter 3140.png

ScreenHunter 3141.png

ScreenHunter 3142.png

ScreenHunter 3143.png

ScreenHunter 3144.png

34. Find the nearby mushrooms

ScreenHunter 3147.png

ScreenHunter 3148.png

35. Lets go Check it out!

ScreenHunter 3149.png

36. Move to the Stump

ScreenHunter 3150.png

37. How in the ??

ScreenHunter 3151.png

38. You will be teleported away!

ScreenHunter 3152.png

39. Turn South South East to gain Teleporter "Larches Green"

/wp [DSEC9, 38122, 23647, 105, Waypoint]

ScreenHunter 3153.png

40. Return to the old man:
/wp [DSEC9, 37492, 23899, 108, Waypoint]

ScreenHunter 3154.png

ScreenHunter 3155.png

ScreenHunter 3156.png

ScreenHunter 3157.png

The old man has lost his marbles and apparently so have I. Too many mushrooms. Tickle Lily?

ScreenHunter 3158.png

ScreenHunter 3159.png



ScreenHunter 3162.png

ScreenHunter 3163.png

ScreenHunter 3164.png

ScreenHunter 3165.png

ScreenHunter 3166.png

41. Elder Gods

ScreenHunter 3167.png

ScreenHunter 3168.png

42. Make sure to Stop and get the mission from ShadowDragonV
/wp [DSEC9, 38059, 23878, 101, Waypoint]

ScreenHunter 3171.png

43. Head to the Church and Click on the Necronomicon

ScreenHunter 3175.png

44. Return to the Old Man
/wp [DSEC9, 37489, 23900, 108, Waypoint]





45. Locate the Shrine nearby





46. Return to the Old Man





47. Kill 50 Nearby Zokaraneus Hatchlings - JUVINILES/ADOLESCENTS DO NOT COUNT
/wp [DSEC9, 37554, 23842, 106, Waypoint]
This spot will save you some time as only hatchlings spawn in this one spot, rather than running all over.


48. Find the Symbols now


49. Investigate the Town for 5 Symbols.


50. Symbol 1 - /wp [DSEC9, 38058, 23863, 101, Waypoint]


51. Symbol 2 - /wp [DSEC9, 38018, 23871, 102, Waypoint]


52. Symbol 3 - /wp [DSEC9, 38007, 23818, 104, Waypoint]


53. Symbol 4 - /wp [DSEC9, 38051, 23802, 102, Waypoint]


54. Symbol 5 - /wp [DSEC9, 38131, 23809, 103, Waypoint]


55. Return to the Old Man and Receive your Reward

ScreenHunter 3202.png

ScreenHunter 3203.png

ScreenHunter 3204.png

Following this mission you will want to talk to ShadowDragonV in Town to continue your Journey.

More details can be found for the dynamic wave events required to acquire the Spine in the Updated Mountain of Madness Section of the Forums
Mountain of Madness Missions

VU Notes

Hope you Enjoyed the Guide

More of this helpful information can be found by visiting my Discord.

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Thank you Bug for taking the time to put this together, it's a big help for those who haven't gone through this mission chain yet. The one thing I am excited about is that we now have something immediate for our Monrian Born to access that gives them more of an opportunity to advance. Monria proper 11 beginner missions don't give items and aren't that helpful to new players.

Yes, they have access to the Toulan Born new player mission chain, but that involves signing up for their free space travel benefit, and then waiting for the warp schedule on Friday or Sunday. This way they can take a TP trip up to DSEC-9 and have immediate access to the new player mission chain and get more help ... thank you Ant, BIG time. :thumbsup
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