Calculation of Viceroy upgrade cost


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Big thank you to Superfly for providing these numbers:

here is the cost of Upgrade viceroy at current mu and with some small help of some society members..

3x[Adjusted Nanites] donated by the CotS for 3 ped (thanks Kingu)
2x[Adjusted Nanites] donated by the CotS for 2 ped (thanks CoSS)
3x[Adjusted Nanites] looted with 896 ped loss (9.9k cycled @91% return)
6x[Adjusted Nanites] @120/ea = 720 ped
14x[Improved Nanites] @30 ped/ea = 420 ped
14x[Modified Nanites] @30 ped/ea = 420 ped

210x[Ospra Ingot] 12.6 TT @105%MU +
70x[Banite Ingot] 16.8 TT @105%MU +
28x[Zulax Ingot] 54.6 TT @105%MU = 88 ped total

90x[Bismuth Plating] 54TT mined (3.8k cycled @100% return)
180x[Bismuth Plating] donated by the CotS for 108 ped (thanks Kingu)
1830x[Bismuth Plating] 1098 TT @300% MU = 3294 ped

TOTAL: 6447 Ped

So with this calculation its easy to see personal cost can be low with help and even lower if more in the various societys do help each member :)
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