Cultists in Training (Repeatable Daily)


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Location: /wp [DSEC9, 38320, 23150, 422, Waypoint]

Upon entering the area you will get a pop-up message.

Entropia 2023-02-28 12.37.58.pngEntropia 2023-02-28 12.38.01.pngEntropia 2023-02-28 12.38.05.pngEntropia 2023-02-28 12.38.07.pngEntropia 2023-02-28 12.38.12.png
You will need to kill: 100 low-level Cultists. (lvl 4's and lvl 5's)
Entropia 2023-02-28 12.38.18.png

Once you have killed 100 you will get a banner across your screen.


Reward: 1 ped Universal Ammo
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