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I decided that I needed to keep a log of my teleporting adventures just in case I need evidence at some point ... because I often end up in odd places, but with photo ops that you just can't make up. :p

Today's teleporting adventures presented some of those unexpected photo ops ... one in particular that was a total shock to me, LOL ... but I learned something new. :p

I saw that Hally had made a comment in Toulan chat about the Dahhar and a decent spawn.
So I decided to check it out and ran into this ... Hally not on the radar yet.


Then Hally wanted me to go check out the Wahesh spawn.


Ok, this teleporting experience needs some chat log to go along with it as an explanation. :p
Needless to say ... I was in TOTAL shock with this one ... very unexpected, LOL
2021-02-10 22:40:00 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] ok, I'll confess ... I saw Lady B on my friend list and it said she was on Toulan, so I wanted to do a surprise visit
2021-02-10 22:40:26 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] like I did with so many others that scared them when I showed up
2021-02-10 22:40:28 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] BUT ...
2021-02-10 22:40:31 [#toulan] [Lady Ladyburn Land] bahahaha
2021-02-10 22:40:40 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] the surprise and shock was on me
2021-02-10 22:40:47 [#toulan] [danka soul needue] lol you traveller you DME lol
2021-02-10 22:41:04 [#toulan] [Lady Ladyburn Land] u DID scare the living BBBEEEEEPPP out of me
2021-02-10 22:41:09 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] in an instant, I was in a field of Troopers on Caly where Lady B was working, LOL
2021-02-10 22:41:30 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] SHE said she was working, LOL
2021-02-10 22:41:53 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] TOTALLY surprised me, because I thought I could only teleport between Monria and Toulan o_O
2021-02-10 22:41:54 [#toulan] [Lady Ladyburn Land] yes, yes i did :p
2021-02-10 22:42:18 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] so that was an innocent teleporting accident, LOL
2021-02-10 22:42:24 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] I got photos :p
2021-02-10 22:42:30 [#toulan] [Lady Ladyburn Land] it was fantastic
2021-02-10 22:43:01 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] not my place to invade other planets, so that was unintentional, just to make that clear :)
2021-02-10 22:43:30 [#toulan] [Lady Ladyburn Land] i find it weird that it said i was still on Toulan
2021-02-10 22:44:04 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] that happens now and then Lady B ... Shadow explained it to me, but I forget what she said, LOL
2021-02-10 22:44:23 [#toulan] [Virtualsense Official DME] so I guess I better be careful during my teleporting adventures, LOL



I caught Spongey (a dear friend from back in the day) in his hideaway sweating spot.


I was at the sweating group at DSEC Mining Camp on Monria but forgot to take a photo.
So I went back to get one for this teleporting adventure episode.


I don't think the following needs an introduction.




I am loving that I can sneak up on people just to say hello to our awesome community members and get some fun photos to share with everyone. Just never know when I'll be stopping by to give a greeting and hang out a bit ... it's always a good thing to connect with the community, right? :p

No worries, my other Monria/Toulan work isn't suffering ... TOO much. :p

Until next time ... (I need a teleporting DME with a trail ... LOL) ... somebody get on that, K?

Oh, and Ant? Remember when I said I needed some fun. :jumpclap
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