Dynamic Event 1 - Defend the Shrine


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  • Situated North West of ‘The Dubliner’ Pub in Larches Green Village. - /wp [DSEC9, 37912, 24017, 102, Waypoint]
  • The Event is triggered by at least 5 people entering the area at random times during the day. (2 hour cool down period.)
  • The Shrine is under attack by the Cult of Shut’thend.
  • Successfully defend the Shrine as a group and get 100%, Tier 3 to receive a Zomorod Crystal.
  • Contribution points are earned by actively participating in the event (Killing the mobs).
  • If the group is unsuccessful and the Shrine blows up, they can Reclaim the Shrine that will then have only 2 phases to successfully complete, but keep in mind that you will lose your progress in the original round and will have to achieve (100%, Tier 3) again in order to get the Zomorod Crystal.
  • An Elder Blessing is bestowed on each member of the group on the success of either the Defend or Reclaim the Shrine. The Elder Blessing is a skill increase buff lasting one hour with the strength determined by the Contribution Tier Reached.

Missions: Speak to ShadowDragonV to pick up - Join The Elder Gods
Additional Mission: (after completing Join the Elder Gods) - Serve ShadowDragonV


Phase 1/5

CultistCultist Leader (spawns at around 70% of phase)



Phase 2/5

CultistCultist Leader (spawns at around 70% of phase)



Phase 3/5

CultistCultist Leader (spawns at around 70% of phase)



Phase 4/5

CultistCultist Leader (spawns at around 70% of phase)



Phase 5/5

Over the course of time and many completed Shrine events, we have learned that at times, Decca sends out lower-level bosses in her place at the end of some events. So far, we have detected some of them but don't know how many are still out there.
Random mix of Cultists will spawn during phase 5.
Killing the boss will END the event.
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Entropia 2022-09-14 19.37.18.png
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Upon completion, you will get the Zomorod Crystal (if you get your Tier 3 Contribution @100%) and an Elder Blessing.

  • When the Shrine event triggers, the goal is to keep the Cultists off the Shrine so they don't diminish its HP.​
  • Stay within the Shrine area and don't drag mobs out away from it and up the hill close to the village.​
  • Shoot the mobs to get to Tier 3 Contribution @100%, and get the Zomorod Crystal.​
  • Once at Tier 3 Contribution @100%, then either repair the Shrine or heal those who haven't gotten the Tier 3 yet.​
  • It's key to work together as a group and engage in teamwork to assure the success of achieving the goal for everyone.​
  • Sometimes that means lowering your dps if you've achieved the Tier 3 @100% to allow others more of a chance.​
  • It also means making a choice at times to either repair the Shrine or heal someone who could use the help.​
  • Also, holding off killing the boss at Phase 5 is key too if there are some who haven't achieved their goal of Tier 3 @100%. This is a bit more difficult with the Shrine event since the mobs rush to the Shrine and the Boss will rush to the group if not distracted.​
  • It's also important to pay attention to the local chat where each in the group should report what Tier and % they're at.​
  • It was said that the lowest level player to have a chance at success is Level 13 with the help of the group, but we have seen lower level players than that be able to achieve the goal because the group was just that patient - again, it's a choice the group makes.​
  • The main thing is to enjoy yourselves and have fun while keeping the goal in mind.​
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