Further Mission Requirements For The Crossover Chain.


Not wanting to muddy up the high quality posts already made by Shadow Dragon I thought I'd make a separate thread covering the following missions in the dsec/toulan crossover chain. [not completed yet but will update the post as I progress further]

Following on from Shadow Dragons post you have:
Retrieve Resources for Rais I

Hand in on DSEC-9 then back to Toulan

Retrieve Resources for DEC II

Hand in on Toulan then back to DSEC-9

Retrieve Resources for Rais II

Hand in on DSEC-9 and back to Toulan

Retrieve Resources for DEC III

Hand in on Toulan than back to DSEC-9 for the final two missions.

Retrieve Resources for RAIS III

Hand in to Pam at Elara then you get given the final part of the DSEC-9 missions



Then back to Rais for 30days of crafting on Toulan - "Prove Your Worth" Mission Chain


The crafting missions are randomly allocated every 20 hours. The missions are as follows:

Attempt 50 Aqeeq Textures


Attempt 20 Samar Shoe


Attempt 10 Habekh


Attempt 50 Basic Butt Joints


Attempt 50 Of Your Choice


Good Luck :)
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I have a question: in the "Retrieve Resources for RAIS III" looks like that instead having to loot the damaged parts you have to hand in the intact parts. Could I use all the parts that I have already or even buy them?
I'm starting that mission in few days as soon I have some spare time to fly to DSEC
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