Horns of Z'agol continuation quest

Hello Ant, i noticed there is now a continuation quest with Pinthas to the point where the dialogue allows to offer the horns back to him - which i didnt dare to do yet.
Will he really take them back or is there a later option to avoid giving them back ?
Do we need an unlimited monria helmet to proceed with this mission step or can we proceed without it ?
Is there a point to continue with this mission for those of us who want to keep their current helmets which at this point in time still work with the horns ?
If the ul monria helmet is needed, is there a killnumber of mobs that we have to reach to unlock rare item drops on monria or are the unlimited armor/rare drops on monria obtained in an alternate way ?

Thanks for your time.

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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Hey JB,

The continuation of the Pinthas quest is called 'A strange sensation' and it is to give anyone who owns one of the unlimited Elder Gods helmets and the The Horns of Z'agol the option to exchange the two items and receive a 'horned' helmet that combines the qualities of both. You can run through the dialogue and it is only at the end that you can decide to put the items in a trade window (or not). The only reason you would want to complete this mission is if you want the horned helmet, it won't be a mandatory step for any future extensions of the story line.

On the unlimited helmets, those and the rest of the Armour are lootable on Monria, they are rare drops though!

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