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I'm wondering if it would be possible/advantageous to triple or quadruple the size of the cave.

I really want to mine monria and grind it, but the mobs/landscape and limited space in the cave makes it nearly impossible for me to dedicate myself to grind there.

I know a lot of miners like to drop on Monria, but I would suggest maybe increasing the size of the cave substantially (as it contains the best resources).... further, the resource table on Monria needs rebalancing. Currently, nearly every dome on FOMA has better markup output averages than Monria. Maybe this is more on MA's end?? either way, some more interesting ore finds would make a substantial difference (most of the ores are TT trash currently)

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Thanks Rocket,

Have you been mining in the hidden cave? (its not on the map), there's a bit of space there. Part of the challenge with getting some of the Caves changed is that it involves graphical work which can take a bit of time but I'll certainly look into it.

On the resources it is an MA thing and they control all balancing but I can raise it as a concern, its out of my hands to change directly. It doesn't mean I can't try though!

I'll add your suggestions to my development list.


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Actually, there are two hidden parts of the cave on each side of the tunnel but with different entry points. Have fun finding them Rocket. They are not out in the open so it will take a while to get them. lol . And I agree, there is alot of room for improvement for the mining on Monria ( and some other locations in EU as well)

My personal opinion is that part of the problem is balancing not just on the types of ores/ematters but also in their found rate frequency. Being indoor mining, miners know and expect to have more probes dropped to find what are usually larger found claims. The problem comes about, in my opinion, that the cycling of claims takes a while depending on when the reset occurs and if there are alot of arsenally-loaded miners letting themselves loose on Monria, it will appear and likely result in more unfound claims for everyone than there should be even for indoor mining scale rates...I think someone told me that a "normal" good rate for indoor mining is about 5%-8%. I have done 8% in the past but it has been getting harder to do over the last several months. For all those reading this, what is your experience with your indoor success rate on Monria lately? I would like to know what is the current "norm" for you

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Sorry lol, not to worry I'm back on Ark now for a while.
lol..I actually wasn't thinking of you specifically when I was writing Heidi.. It has been in my experience of noticing higher unfound claim numbers when there are several high level miners mining Monria at the same time...more than what should be normal be normal for indoor mining statistically. Like suddenly, all the mining claims get sucked into a celestial vacuum cleaner :) I usually never know who is mining (the moon is kinda but I can always feel the difference when there are alot of higher lvl miners or not on Monria when I start mining. Its literal night and day in the results of the mining run I would do.

But you are definitely an "arsenal player" Heidi....When I grow up, I'll be just like

Zarnia Foxtrot

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Volunteer Mentor know, my husband got that "Congrats you got a global" with his LBML download..he only ever got one mining global to date and he got the, I have got a "few" more than just one and I never got my LBML download congratulating me not even

I'm just need a global/hof once per day or I start going into withdrawl...:)

You're a great player in this game Heidi and alot of fun to play with including as a fellow competitor in a mining event.

See you at the next one!! :)
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