Issue with VU 21.3

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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Hey Guys,

Sorry but it seems we have introduced an issue with this VU.

"Anyone who has the Jelly Baby Texture Blueprint in their inventory will crash on the loading screen and if it is in storage the client will crash when you attempt to open storage"

If anyone is experiencing issues with login please raise a support ticket so that the BP can be moved from your inventory, this should be fixed with a client update tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience!



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so, the issue is fixed now just curious if we're gunna get our bp's back? orrrrr? (take it back noticed they were put in space storage)
i take it back the issue isnt solved since i think i looted a jelly bp cuz now i cant log in lmfao... :'( (lol i did loot a jelly bp) bahahahahahha now that is luck! anyone reading this need jelly bp's after this fix lol

guess only question is do we know when the client update is scheduled? lol since i cant play it seems til then lol
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My [Jelly Baby Texture Blueprint] is stored in the proper book [Toulan Texture Blueprints I]. But now it does not have a slot for this BP. The opening of the book leads to the crash game.
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