Join The Elder Gods (The Order of the Elder Gods Suit)


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Join The Elder Gods

  • Speak to ShadowDragonV - /wp [DSEC9, 38059, 23875, 101, Waypoint] (Behind the Pub)


Once you have this mission, you will need to get the Zomorod Crystal

[Zomorod Crystal].png

You can get the Zomorod Crystal from doing the Dynamic Event 1 - Defend the Shrine.
  • The Shrine of The Elder Gods -/wp [DSEC9, 37912, 24017, 102, Waypoint]​
  • The Event is triggered by at least 5 people entering the area at random times during the day (2 hour cool down period)
When you have gotten 100% on Tier 3, you will get the Zomorod Crystal.

After that, hand the Zomorod Crystal to ShadowDragonV, and you will receive The Order of the Elder Gods Suit.

The Order of the Elder God Suit.png

You will receive the correct gender suit for your avatar
  • After completing Join The Elder Gods.
  • Take the mission: Prove Yourself To The Order.
  • Only take the Serve ShadowDragonV mission AFTER finishing Prove Yourself To The Order.
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