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November 2020

Cyrene received the most votes as the place to go to for the next Society event. Therefore I am planning a trip to Cyrene for the society on the 2nd January to the 9th of January. If there is enough interest I'd pay for a flight to take us there. And there maybe some small ped give aways for people who make the trip.

Monria Team event received the second most votes and therefore I like to propose we do the Team hunt on Monria on Saturday 19th December. The event is a 24hour one, but MadJack's LCA Team event will be from 10.00am Entropia Universe time to midnight Entropia Universe time. ie. 14 hours Don't worry you don't have to stay for all 14 hours. MadJack may well not be able to make between 2.00pm EU time and 6.30pm EU time and will therefore need someone to step up and look after the team between that time. Basically that just means hanging out with the team and recording who was in the team when (if) theres a big hof or team global.

There is to be a 5th Birthday event see the other thread in Society | The Lovecraft Academy you need to be registered as a member of the Lovecraft Academy in Entropia Life in order to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

There is to be a Society Recruitment event in December where society members will receive Pecs for how many members they recruit who stay in the society for one month. Society members will receive 0.10peds per person they recruit, 0.20peds if its a female avatar and 0.30peds if the person they recruit has over 110 health points. Payment will be paid out by MadJack on or the 1st February 2020. MadJack decision on who gets what is final. And remember to be a good recruiter don't just send out invites to everyone talk to them sell the society to them. Members who are not yet highly ranked will need the person they are recruiting to press F11 and search Love Craft Academy. And remember to tell MadJack who you recruited.

From the 1st December 2020 MadJack will only be buying the first 1k of sweat of members at 1.5ped per k. All members who joined before the 1st December can claim their 1st 1k of sweat at 2peds. MadJack has a list so he knows who he has already bought off. MadJack has had to reduce the price of the first 1k of sweat as he has been making too bigger loss.

May you all hof like crazy and stay safe

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