Mining on Monria?


Anyone have a tutorial or whatever on Monria mining? I sometimes drop a tt probe here and there when wandering around to see what happens, but almost every time it's nrf on Monria. There was one time I found a little smidge of Maldorite but that was it...

Does monria mining work like the mining on the asteroids for the most part, where you have to have biggest amp you can afford and have to cross your fingers, eyes, and and toes in hopes for the best and may get back some small return once a year? (i.e. is it set up like 'indoor mining' since the craters basically work like 'domes' or not?)... On Rocktropia you get something back almost every drop, but I've read somewhere that Rocktropia is harder to hit it big because it doesn't have any 'something out of the ordinary' whatever that means... is that a problem that inhibits the moon as well? Seems like there should be lots of potential 'something out of the ordinary' out there of cthulu flavor potentially?

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Monria is considered indoor mining, so like FOMA. you get less hits than usual, but most of your hits will be higher value.
You will need a large bankroll if you want to use high level amps on the moon and not break your bank, i have gone 30 drops in a row without a single hit ... just to give you an idea.


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A year ago June I hit 200 PED iron with the lil finder from TT, I was hooked :) I've tested small amps, lvl l & ll without seeing any results. But that may just be my bad luck. I spent a couple months here with F 105 and did well dropping probes in between shootin MOBS. I used shrapnel instead of buying probes. Now I come back here to see the larger hits Monria has..

Did my best to find out just what the hell in door mining rules means? Only 'fact' I think I found is that your range is cut in 1/2

Last visit I used a F 101 tiered to lvl 8 - hit large iron.

GL2U and fwiw, imo, luck plays as much a part as amps and massive quanities of probes


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I saw that one pop for you, Gratz on that. :)


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Nice one Amandil :D Ive added to our pintrest page :)
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