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Hey there, TeetoXD on the line! Welcome to my new weekly CUHOF event ^-^

In few words about my event, it's a CUHOF 1-5 low&mid lvl weapon team hunt that happens every monday, in order to help players slowly upgrade theyre nawacores ^^


1. Event time: 18:00-21:00 game time every monday!
2. Everyone can join, few more hunters is always good!
3. When everyone is ready, we entering CUHOF 1-5 (depends of how much player joined and what parts we need) using event organizer's energy cells!
4. We using up to 10 DPS in CUHOF 1-3 and up to 25 DPS in CUHOF 4-5!
5. When dungeon is complete, event organizer loot the chestes!
6. Rare items will be shared between hunters based on MU!
7. If you got nawacore part, you MUST give it to the event organizer!
8. After we get enought parts for upgrading nawacore to mk3, a random registered user will be selected, he will get all missing parts he need!
9. To register, you need to pm me in game or make a reply on this post and ask to be registered. Then you NEED to participate at least 3 times in the event!

Our progress:
Nawacore mk2 parts (we have right now/total looted):
2/2 nawacore mk2 part A
2/2 nawacore mk2 part B
1/1 nawacore mk2 part C
0/0 nawacore mk2 part D
1/1 nawacore mk2 part E

Nawacore mk23 parts (we have right now/total looted):
6/6 nawacore mk3 part A
1/1 nawacore mk3 part B
1/1 nawacore mk3 part C
1/1 nawacore mk3 part D
1/1 nawacore mk3 part E

Total nawacores upgraded: 0

My new event needs help!
Even players with nawacore mk3 are welcomed to join! Sweat/Nawa fragments/Nawa energy cells and nawacore parts donation appreciated!!

With much love, TeetoXD

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Registered players:

-Marie TeetoXD Ringelstein ✓
-Disi smoker superskunk (1 day left)
-mehrune md dagon (1 day left)
-Mc PanaMc Pana (1 day left)
-Adrasteia Nemesis Rhamnusia ✓
-Explorer SkyHawk Nbionic (2 days left)
-Wisp TheWisp Aho (2 days left)
-Qrwiszon noname mikmik (2 days left)
-Ocean Ocean's Portal (2 days left)
-Michael Cady Cadwallander (2 days left)
-shad sirbay hall (2 days left)
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