1. TeetoXD

    Monday - Teetoday!

    Hey there, TeetoXD on the line! Welcome to my new weekly CUHOF event ^-^ In few words about my event, it's a CUHOF 1-5 low&mid lvl weapon team hunt that happens every monday, in order to help players slowly upgrade theyre nawacores ^^ Rules: 1. Event time: 18:00-21:00 game time every monday...
  2. RJ-Rob

    RJ Rob James - Collab Hide And Seek Game Event!

    Hello all, This is the thread for the 2nd Stage of the collab with Dbug our Hide and Seek Game! As like my original hide and seek game, this collab game consists of you trying to find me and dbug while we hide somewhere on Toulan. There will be 8 clues we give. The first clues for each person...
  3. RJ-Rob

    RJ Rob James - Hide and Seek Game! Starts Monday 2nd May - 5pm UTC time!

    Hello all, This is the thread for my Hide and Seek Game! So basically the game consists of trying to find me while I hide somewhere on Toulan and there will be 4 clues I give, the first clue I will give at 5pm UTC time when the game starts then a new clue every 30 minutes interval. The game...
  4. Deatz

    EVENT | Toulan Event Island | 11/25 @ 1400 Game time

    ***Come Grind Codex*** 225 Ped in prizes at stake Free Event 11/25 @ 1400 on Toulan Go to the Global Event List to get your ticket before they are gone!!! This is a total loot event, not an HSL as the event says. Sorry for the confusion :)
  5. E8ty2nd

    Win a Compet Deed!

    No fancy story here just plain and simple facts. I have placed a Salafa G1 (L) somewhere on Monria. If you find this item with the same exact Tier Increase Rate numbers as shown in the image below, you WIN a Compet Deed! The Rules: 1 winner. Must trade Salafa G1 (L) with Mass "E8ty2nd" Tac...
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