Monria Boxing Ring | Ant & Shadow | Something out of the ordinary happened!!


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During our event on Saturday, Sep 19th, Ant and ShadowDragonV got into the PvP Monria Boxing Ring as they usually do to battle it out. After multiple kills on both sides, and Shadow launching Ant out of the ring a few dozen times, Ant decided to take his revenge.

He used a flamethrower on Shadow, but once she died, the flames never went out, when she revived and went back into the ring, Ant tried to cool her off by throwing snowballs at her ... didn't work. Then he decided that she deserved to be killed in a multiple of ways, which he proceeded to do, but after each kill, he resurrected her and used a different weapon to kill her again ... then

Something out of the ordinary happened, besides the flames never going out ... he used his flamethrower to kill her, and while she was still lying dead on the boxing ring mat, he continued to keep the flamethrower going causing a LOT of ongoing deaths ... you can see multiple skull and cross bones rising above your dead body, but you can also see her being moved around by the continuous killing, AND ... her legs waving in the air now and then, LOL ...

This video is a bit lengthy but I didn't want to cut it so you can see the true progression of what happened, but I chose appropriate music ... Mortal Kombat

Here is the photo Shadow took from the System tab in game of the multiple kills ... I just can't stop laughing at this, and when you actually see it happen in the video, I think you're going to have a chuckle or two ... these guys sure know how to have fun. :p




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LOL that was so much fun!!! 2 hours later was still on fire!!!! 😂😂

Brilliant video DME!
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