Monria Event | Decca Reclaims Cult of Shut'thend | Sat - June 15th


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What is known historically, is that the St Edwards Church in Teakesbury, England was built in the 1500s, and can trace its ancestry back to its original founding members. The original colonist, Frederick Waverly, started this church at that time. The Cultists claim that Frederick Waverly was one of the oldest and original members of the Cult of Shut’thend, and that this church was built for the cult and not for any other religious organization.

One of the leaders by the name of Decca claimed to have proof in the form of documents relating to the direct sale of the church from Frederick Waverly to the Decca family. These historical documents were presented by the Decca family claiming the rightful ownership of St Edwards Church. It took several weeks for the documents to be scrutinized and evaluated for their authenticity using various means of dating techniques. At this point in time, it was the year 2345, and many questions arose.
  • if Frederick Waverly in the 1500s sold the church to the Decca family, why had they not been active
  • at this point it's 2345, so what is the history of the church since the transfer
  • when and how did another religious community outside the cult gain access to and use the church
  • why is the Decca family coming forward at this point to take over the church and claim ownership
It is Decca’s contention that the documents had been in the family for many generations and it was time for the church to relinquish its ownership to the proper family regardless of how much time had passed. Decca believed that the church had essentially been “on loan” to members of religious organizations, and the Decca family had graciously given permission to hold sermon and sanctuary in the church for the duration.

There was a great uprising after the historical documents Decca presented were authenticated. The religious organization occupying St Edwards Church at the time didn't want to leave and were fighting back. The townsfolk were also engaged in riots, causing total chaos in the streets. A podium had been set up outside the church where Decca was to address the crowd in hopes of calming things down. It was only getting worse, and her anger brought forth the unfathomable.

Taking the podium, there was a loud buzz in the air. Decca's voice resounded to the crowd.

Enough! This is my church and has always been. You will all go home now and end this charade.”

A greenish hue began to emanate from all around the podium and started to expand out into the crowd.

I have been tolerant up to this point, but now my patience has grown thin.”

The greenish hue now extended out encompassing all members of the crowd.

Anyone who does not leave and go home will experience the wrath of Cthulhu, and he will have no mercy on your mind or body, let alone your pitiful souls.”

The greenish hue completely engulfed Decca who was now levitating above the podium. Sparks exploded forth from her, then the screams came, slow at first, then a small snapping sound started.

Members in the crowd started to experience pain associated with the snapping. Within seconds, the snapping increased to an electrical buzz, and then a buzz-like sparking became nonstop. As intensity manifested, there were more screams emanating from the crowd. Moments later people were running for their lives while the intensity continued.

Screams of madness, pain and torture were now coming from most all of the rioters. Decca was nothing more than a glowing green ball of energy commanding sparks and beams of green into the crowd. Soon people were dropping to the ground as others were running away with their hands holding their head trying to get away from the intense pain and agony.

At the end of it all when the energy dissipated, the fallout was evaluated. Hundreds of people lay dead on the ground, and hundreds of others were rolling around with their hands on their head trying to relieve the intense pain they were experiencing. With that, Decca, having returned to the ground, turned around and walked back into the church without making a sound or uttering another word.

When asked why they would come forward after so many hundreds of years, Decca said that the time had come to prepare for the awakening of their beloved Cthulhu.

On July 31, 2346 ... Decca and her Cult of Shut'thend followers gathered at Broodham, Massachusetts in the New England section of the United States where Decca and the Cultist Priests were to perform the ritual that would awaken their beloved Cthulhu.

What actually took place was a grand exodus from Earth to Monria. However, while many of the Cultists had been transported to Monria by the ritual held at Broodham, Massachusetts, Decca had not been seen anywhere on Monria ... until recently. The speculation is, that the new City of R'yleh where Cthulhu lies sleeping in a dream-like state, is actually now located at the very core and depths of Monria, and while many attempts have supposedly been made to awaken Cthulhu, they have all failed.

It seems Decca is ready to reclaim the Cult of Shut'thend and move forward with plans ... what plans, we don't know, but based on historical data, this can't be good for Monria.

I will issue this ALERT but once ... if you see Decca, do not engage with her because it is known that she has the ability to add your name to the Book of the Dead ... also known as the Necronomicon.

Time will tell what we will have to endure.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the history of the Cultists prior to their great exodus from Earth during a period of time when dark evil forces invaded sense and sanity, and replaced it with unfathomable horror for those who fought against, or resisted the Cultists and the Cult of Shut'thend ... read Volume 2 of Monria's official storyline ... written by Pinthas Schmenke Dorian.

Historical Data | Journal Entries.


Date | Saturday, June 15th
Time | 12:00 -to- 23:59 Game Time
(to determine game time -- click on your System tab in the chat box and then press U)
Location | Entire Moon

  • you do not need to register at EntropiaLife for this event ... globals/hofs are automatically recorded
  • please ask questions in Monria chat and refrain from PM'ing DME if at all possible
  • be considerate of your fellow participants during the event
  • --- this includes not cluttering TP areas in the craters with vehicles and/or landing on top of people
  • --- when going back out into the field, please be considerate of where you land and pick up vehicles
  • random global/hof prizes will be given out periodically during the course of the event
  • winners can pick up their prizes at the DSEC Forensics TP when convenient, or at end of event
  • DME will be standing near the terminals -- please allow DME to initiate all trades
  • make sure to have the Monria chat channel active for instructions and NEXT GLOBAL call-outs
  • teams must have the name Monria in the team name to be eligible for prizes
  • please register your Team Name and Team Leader in this thread
  • --- any prizes won will be given to the Team Leader for distribution
  • societies cannot have more than one team name with their society name in it
  • if you hire a healer and don't team, your globals/hofs will count as Solo entries
  • if you team with a healer, or anyone else, your globals/hofs will count as Team entries
  • all of Monria is open to those who wish to participate in the mining portion of the event
  • if you get a claim in an area where you are challenged to excavate it because of mobs ...
  • --- ask in Monria chat to see if any of our MCAT members are available to assist

  • post your guess in this thread of what you think the 12 hr combined globals/hofs total will be
  • the guess is for total globals/hofs and not total ped
  • please be mindful of your time zone and game time so you get the guess posted on time
  • you only get one guess, and it must be posted prior to the start of the event
  • make sure you check all other guesses so that you don't post the same number
  • edited posts will be disqualified, so think carefully before posting
  • the person coming the closest to the actual total after the event wins
  • globals/hofs are calculated from hunting and mining
  • the 12 hr globals/hofs total will be added to this post with other results on Sunday
Current Numbers in Play
  • please check to make sure you don't duplicate a number and get disqualified
  • they are in numeric order from left to right
251 -- 300 -- 369 -- 410 -- 420 -- 428 -- 450 -- 456 -- 464 -- 482 -- 499 -- 513 -- 525 -- 543 -- 555 -- 563 -- 575 -- 590 -- 613 -- 619 -- 620 -- 666 -- 672 -- 685 -- 725 -- 770 -- 777 -- 841 -- 977 -- 1317 -- 1571


Guess Total Globals/HoFs (guess = 300 / actual total = 281) -- 100 PED -- Inherent Marxus Legends


Date | Saturday, June 15th -- Time Begins | 12:00 game time -- Time Ends | 23:59 game time
Location | Entire Moon -- (see specific increased mob spawn locations in the link below)

Right click on the following links and open in a new tab -- these are PDF files for downloading:

NOTE - we added an extra increased spawn location for the mob level just below each of the bosses

  • Shoggoth ... Eldritch the Pestilent -- Level 6 -- Location / DSEC Forensics
  • Yog ... Kyghis The Tormented -- Level 47 -- Location / DSEC Mining Camp
  • Cultist ... Protector of Shut'thend -- Level 50 -- Location / DSEC Military Camp
  • Shub ... Taklalb Apostle of Shadows -- Level 79 -- Location / Shub Cavern
Increased Mob Spawn Locations
Monria Mob Levels / HP - Wave Locations - Pets - Yogs Burrow Sweating


IMPORTANT NOTE ... please read the rules carefully as they have changed. We removed the first and last lowest global prizes from hunting. You still have an opportunity to win 3 prizes between hunting and mining. There will still be random global giveaways but not as frequent.

If there are any questions regarding the changing of the event rules, Ant will address them.

As always, thank you very much for supporting what we do for Monria and for your event participation.

  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Shoggoth -- Prize --> 200 PED -- wake danysis meup
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Yog -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Buzz Erik Lightyear
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Cultist -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Jay VeNgeNce Spitzel
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Shub -- Prize --> 200 PED -- John Black Knight
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Shoggoth -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Titans Inc on Monria
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Yog -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Monria dream team
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Cultist -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Groovy Monria Moon
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Shub -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Titans of Space Starfleet Monria
  • Highest global/hof on any ore/enmatter -- 200 PED -- Alsander Als Skywalker
  • First Lowest global on any ore/enmatter -- 100 PED -- wake danysis meup
  • Last lowest global on any ore/enmatter -- 100 PED -- MY ENJOY DESTINY
You can see all of the results in Ant's spreadsheet here where individual global/hof totals are included.
Right click and open in a new tab.

HEADS UP ... if you haven't done so already, make sure you pick up the:

  • Solo Hunting, Team Hunting
  • you can only win one Solo and one Team hunting prize
  • you can also win a mining prize based on the following rules
  • Mining
  • if you get the highest global/hof and one of the lowest globals ... you win the highest
  • if you win the highest, you are not eligible for either the first or last lowest global prizes
  • the person who wins the first lowest global is not eligible to win the last lowest global
  • if you get the first lowest global, you can continue mining toward getting the highest
  • Example ... you get the first lowest global and have the first recorded time
  • --- this means you win the first lowest global prize
  • --- but there's an incentive to continue mining to see if you can get the highest global/hof
  • --- if you do, then the person who had the lowest global with the time right after yours ...
  • ---------- would win the first lowest global prize
  • Additional Information
  • you can win prizes in solo/team hunting and mining based on the above rules
  • in case of a draw for any of the prizes, the first recorded time will apply
  • Anhithe will extract the data from EntropiaLife after the event and determine the winners
  • --- he will also create a gobal/hof data spreadsheet that will be posted with the results
  • the results will be added to the first post in this event thread sometime on Sunday


We had one apartment leftover from the 4 that we were giving away at our St Patrick's Day event and said that it would be in play at our future events until it was won.

NO WINNER ... the apartment will roll over and be added to July's mid-month event.

Here is how you win it:
  • get a solo hunting or mining global/hof with the numbers 317 in the total -- in that order
  • --- 317 represents the St Patrick's Day holiday date each year -- March 17th
  • Examples:
  • --- 317
  • --- 1317
  • --- 3179

(formerly known as the South and West Craters)
  • from the DSEC Forensics Crater, go SE to the abandoned mine, follow the road
  • --- coordinates of the abandoned mine are --- [38487, 19936, 31]
  • --- be mindful that there are Yogs outside the abandoned mine entrance
  • --- they should be mostly off to the left unless someone aggro'd them
  • --- use the insta-teleporter just inside the abandoned mine
  • --- this will take you to the DSEC Mining Camp crater ... capture the TP and then ...
  • from the DSEC Mining Camp TP follow the road out to the abandoned mine
  • --- coordinates of the abandoned mine are --- [37744, 17987, 110]
  • --- use the insta-teleporter just inside the abandoned mine
  • --- this will take you to the DSEC Military Camp crater ... capture the TP


Team Leader: DJ DJMcFlinty McFlinty

Groovy Monria Moon
Team Leader: Lady Ladyburn Land

Monria Community Assistance Team
Team Leader: Gredrrik Alhakekhist Malgar

Panther and Emz on Monria
Team leader: Emlyn Emz Draig

Monria Swunt Team
Team leader: Aurora Panther Dawn

Titans Inc on Monria
Team Leader: Finris Chomchom Chom

Monria Bombing Squad
Team Leader: chris moneyme mo

Titans of Space Starfleet Monria
Team Leader: John Black Knight

Monria Dream team
Team Leader: kieran skuzzy belz

TusaLusa Monria Party
Team Leader: vitor rotiV3tuga zezere




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REMINDER ... don't forget to post your guesses for the total number of globals/hofs we'll get during the 12 hour event. You have up until the start of the event to post your guess. Make sure you check what numbers are in play before you post because editing your post will disqualify you. I will keep a running list of numbers already in play in that section. I'll keep up with it as best I can.


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Virtualsense Media Team
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uhho, i said 620...i can change it or take mine off completely....didn't see yours until too late
The number 620 is fine, no one picked it and it doesn't matter if numbers are next to each other. It's always good to check other numbers first before post yours though.
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