Monria Event | Decca Reclaims Cult of Shut'thend | Sat - June 15th


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Hello everybody ,
my guess : 1317 globals/hof
have fun and good luck

Thanks for the event and for the forum
Could it be possible to imagine/create/orhanize a mining event in the future (or mining missions), where it s not only the size of the claims that do count to win, but the variety of the ores and enmaters and treasures that are extracted by a miner ? It could be "find X different ores and Y different enmatters..." or "find them in a special order...

Have a good day


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I got the results for the event from Ant and I am adding them to the first post of this thread now. After I have added the results, I will write another post to let you know, and then log into the game to pay people their prizes who are available.
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