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We are taking our Monrian Born on another field trip adventure and this time it's to Rocktropia. This is the first time we are heading to Rocktropia on a field trip, but there will be many more ahead. We figured it was time to introduce our Monrian Born to a different and more unique kind of environment than the other planets.


  • depart Monria for Rocktropia on Friday, Apr 14th aboard the Yamato @ 20:00 game time
  • return to Monria from Rocktropia on Sunday, Apr 16th aboard the Yamato @ 21:30 game time
  • if you are not on the Yamato guest list, please follow the instructions here and sign up
  • make sure that you have all Planets and Space downloaded so that there is no delay
  • all Monrian Born, please make sure that you add DarkMoonEnigma to your friend list
  • all Monria Volunteer Support Team Members (MVST) please post your availability for this field trip
  • we have an in-game field trip chat channel and you will be given an invite if you don't have it
  • there is a lot to see and do while we are on Rocktropia, but we will focus on specific things
  • the first goal is to guide everyone through The THING mission ... fun mission with nice rewards
  • there is a hoverboard mission where Noz will be the guide
  • there is a lockpick instance where (I think) Gunner will be the guide
  • we will do a couple of big mob team hunts so that you have an opportunity to experience this
  • we will also try to fit in some teleporter runs so that you can do more exploring in the future
  • there may be other spontaneous and crazy activities, because that's just how we roll :p
As always, we appreciate the availability of our Monria Volunteer Support Team (MVST) who join us on these field trips to help guide our MBs through the missions and all activities that take place.

When you travel on an adventure with the Monrian gang, there's only one thing to remember ...

Have Fun & Expect the Unexpected



YAY!!! Let's Rock! :clap

Some preliminary instructions/guide?
Time schedule?
Here's a few useful links related to Rocktropia over at the Link List

ROCKtropia Billion Jobs VU - April 4th VU Notes - Neverdie - info on the election, etc.

Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and info

Hunt the Think Wiki on EP (may be a little outdated)

Taming Locations
Panther: Rocktropia - Around Panta Ridge [136050, 82200]
Chat Channels
You can join the chat by typing "/j #chatname". Example "/j #Trade" to join the channel #Trade. Then right-clicking on [#Trade] anywhere in the window and "Open channel in new tab" will open it as a separate tab the people are used to from the past if you like it this way.
Rocktropia TPs
Argo Beach [139067, 85704, 101]
B.A.M.F. Headquarters [136300, 93072, 102]
BAMF HQ [136080, 93099, 102]
Biodome [136747, 94463, 154]
Biodome Badlands [136860, 94963, 132]
Camp Crunk [133398, 93025, 104]
Canery Pond [134388, 94242, 119]
City of Dreams [136209, 84888, 237]
Club NEVERDIE [136168, 84999, 238]
CND Lagoon [136064, 84832, 237]
Daiki Ridge [137471, 88681, 164]
Daki Ridge [137471, 88688, 165]
Dockland Container Yard [132709, 90835, 106]
Docklands [131950, 91449, 103]
Ecaba Forest [131297, 86409, 184]
Empire Z Building [135160, 94097, 139]
Evil Cathedral [136244, 95014, 139]
Fleshers Corner [133911, 93715, 133]
Fleshers Guantlet [134001, 92351, 133]
Fort Harlem [135759, 89232, 124]
Gamgels Funding Grounds [134077, 88692, 131]
Industrial Way Section [135545, 95107, 123]
Infected Land Fill [137168, 92012, 152]
Isle of Lost Avatars [132411, 82408, 250]
Ituma Beach [138661, 87060, 138]
Lemmy's Castle [133966, 86635, 304]
Logan Street [137193, 94334, 115]
Lower East Side [137701, 93341, 177]
Lower West Side [134344, 93128, 111]
Lower West Side Bunker [134787, 93354, 111]
M.F. Stream [136065, 92568, 102]
Memphis Hills [136927, 85443, 196]
Memphis Plans [131942, 83363, 231]
Motorhead Stadium [136621, 85889, 384]
Mullholand Way [136840, 83504, 314]
Narfi Beach [133141, 83466, 144]
New Harlem Express Way [135463, 87845, 108]
No Way Out Maximum Security Prison [135429, 91145, 185]
Noobs Noobs Noobs [135376, 88141, 106]
Nuclear Facility Entrance [133036, 95335, 107]
Old Harlem [135431, 87611, 169]
Panta Ridge [136187, 82260, 241]
Rickabam Ridge [132640, 88352, 190]
Ring of Fire Hunting Lodge [134588, 85835, 374]
Rocktropia Research Facility [133072, 94753, 114]
ROCKtropia Sign [136067, 85738, 589]
RRC Subway Circuit [135636, 87965, 118]
Studio Gate South [135460, 83924, 194]
Studio Street [137129, 84653, 157]
Tangerine [134408, 83620, 144]
The Ballister Apartments [134221, 83444, 144]
The Chelsea [136059, 88215, 129]
The Hyperplex [135280, 88165, 107]
The U Apartments [134186, 83788, 144]
Upper East Side [136372, 95761, 108]
Upper West [133966, 95494, 115]
Wet Wolf Creek [136920, 85448, 196]
Zomhattan Ice Station [134635, 97029, 166]
Basics of it all...
Hell - Advanced mining, etc. (much like the asteroids on Calypso)

Northern part of the Map - Zombie Kong - if he's there expect to die quickly since they have like Level 999 type stuff. Basically it's a zombie city up there very similar to NYC with the Empire Z building, etc.

Middle part of Map - Starter Area around New Harlem. Be careful if you find the crabs on the beach - they can have ok loot, and do somewhat low damage, but have very high health, so expect to do a lot of damage to em if you want to kill a few. (I like burning through Katsuichi Determinations on em with Gremlin Armor personally)

Lower Middle of Map - CND and surrounding area... This is similar to Twin Peaks trading area in Calypso in some ways... CND area is on one side of the river and Tangerine is on the Other side. Tangerine is similar to the mall type shopping districts on Calypso, but is designed like London with a clock tower, etc.

Middle Western side of the map - There be dragons here... and castles!... :)

Hunt the Thing - Very similar to Thule on Calypso...

Little Island at the bottom of the map - Pantha Ridge - the home of the tameable panthers

Up in the North West - PvP Zone! :)

There's lots to explore and discover. Main difference between RT and other planets is that it's based on rock and roll type theme, has ores named after mixed drinks, and a lot of the mobs are very high health since the Planet Partner likes to make income on decay you do with your weapons... Luckily they changed things the last few years... In olden days if you used a vtol dragons could one fire breathe knock you out of the sky... nowadays mobs don't typically do damage to flying vehicles unless they are special event mob types.

Also, the TP system here is a bit different than on other planets... Most of the main TPS are the same as other planets with the exception that they look like phone booths. However, the other TP system, which has a bunch more locations to tp too, uses rock bucks, and costs a pec in rock bucks to tp from place to place...

some older tutorials out there are probably outdated. A lot changed a few years back when Neverdie downgraded the servers so he could keep paying the monthly rent to Mindark - this actually made the place more playable in many ways since it shrunk the map, making it take half the time to cross the map that it used to take
(called it an Apocalypse - a lot has actually changed since the time of this link...)

Beer? Stadium is near the Billboard North of CND. Get it while it's good. Bring a vehicle to get inside since the motorhead mobs guard the place pretty well, but once inside it's a free for all. (actually more free beer now than in the past when the garden was in a pvp zone similar to the oil rigs on other planets)

P.S. Since you'll be here on RT, when you are wandering around Tangerine, swing by the apartment to take a look around if you want. I'm in The U, 1st floor G&H.
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YAY!!! Let's Rock! :clap

Some preliminary instructions/guide?
Time schedule?
Hey SuperFly ... after we land on a planet for a field trip, we usually start with the beginner missions right away and advance from there. It's difficult to give a time agenda because of different time zones, so after we are all gathered and everyone is in the field trip chat channel, that's when we start coordinating things to accommodate everyone.

People log in at various times, which is why the MVSTs are available (even one-on-one) to assist whenever anyone logs in, because it's a challenge at times to get everyone together at once. However, we generally do our big mob team hunting at the end of each day (specifically Friday and Saturday, and if we have time on Sunday before the flight back to Monria).

The trips have always turned out great, and we're able to accomplish what we set out to do. :)

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well this looks Great and i totally spaced and forgot it was going to be on the 14th :oops so now i have no ped and I'm completely not ready :eek: but will see how things work out :aok


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I'd like to tag along and help with that event a bit.
My username is Azra Azazel Astarte
Thanks Azra, I think you'll really enjoy it ... do you think you can suspend your Hub suicide jumps from the 2nd floor long enough to join us? :p
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