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Hello, :hi I was born in Calypso in 2015, after graduating I decided to explore the Entropia universe and discovered a good way to do it. I was "TAXI GIRL" and I got regular clients I lifted from planet to planet while answering some of their questions and that's how I decided to mentor.:cheer

Later I participated in a fashion event in Calypso which I won and that introduced me to the world of artistic makeup.

My experience in space and with makeup has made me meet many people, being part of the crew of the mother ship Kronan and the mother ship Victory, and creating masks for many well-known players in Entropia Universe.

I've traveled through space and finished all the newcomer missions of all planets.

I am now the Proud Leader of a mentoring-oriented society called Wisdom Sons with 135 members for now...

I have 12 graduated disciples and others in progress and I have an average rating of 4.92/5. Yes, someone gave me only 4 stars....

99% of society members are my disciples or disciples of my disciples...
:coffee And we have good hunters, miners and crafters all ready to help.


I like this game for the community and for the difficulty of it, I have to admit that I have made many mistakes but that has made me study the game thoroughly to discover how it works.

I have a deep knowledge about statistics and everything related to the information needed for the good use of your equipment.:coffee I can teach you how to interpret the information of hunting, mining and crafting tools and everything related to it.

This is a "numbers" game in the background where it is very important to know HOW and WHEN to use each gear. And of course there are many "secrets" most players won't explain (its not my case). I trust in free information and knowledge, cause of that my soc it's called Wisdom Sons.

I also have a youtube channel with video tutorials, although the audio is in Spanish, but I can teach everything also in English for sure.

YouTube channel:
Entropia GT

I can guide you on missions and how to achieve your goals. But your goals are decided by you.


Total Skill points 144k+

Agi 70
HP 156
Int 49
Psy 40
Sta 5
Str 40
And still skilling forever...

As main I am HUNTER :shooting lvl 56 for now...

Crafter lvl 20. I do for sell and to make my own weapons/gear.

I know all I have to know about mining but I don't like it. lvl 10.


GMT+1 / Game Time +1

I'm used to play every day from 19:00 till when its too late!!!

My mother tongue is spanish same with my society, if your language its spanish then I am your mentor! but I can explain myself in english and we have some english society members too. Language Will not have a problem.

If you want to start in this fantastic game and needs a mentor maybe I can help you a bit.:thumbsup

And Welcome to Monria!


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Thank you for signing up to be a Monria Volunteer Mentor Gran, your introduction is very impressive. I'm sure that any potential Disciple will learn a lot.

Welcome to the team ... I have added you to the official list.

It's always nice to see you on Monria. :)


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Hi Txuri
Thanks for your interest in mentoring Monrian borns :)
It's great to see more experienced players help others :jumpclap

Good luck and see you in game :)
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