1. Tedros 420

    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Tedros 420 Daemonos

    | Introduction | I would like to help new players learn to enjoy the game as much as I do. When starting out, the game can be very overwhelming. I offer my services to help make sense of it all, whatever your area of interest is within the Entropia Universe. I have already helped several...
  2. larxene AJ

    Toulan Volunteer Mentor - larxene AJ lighting

    🐉game experience: I made my account august 28th 2017, started on calypso as a F2P my first year so i could learn & grow my mentor gifted me a quad so i could explore. i mostly bounce around from planet to planet but always find my self drawn to toulan i love the storyline of the planet & its...
  3. txuri

    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Gran Txuri Txuri

    GAME EXPERIENCE Hello, :hi I was born in Calypso in 2015, after graduating I decided to explore the Entropia universe and discovered a good way to do it. I was "TAXI GIRL" and I got regular clients I lifted from planet to planet while answering some of their questions and that's how I decided...
  4. J

    Monria Volunteer Mentor/jurgen zamiria renier

    Hello every one. I would like to throw myself on the list of mentors. Started to play in July 2018. My time zone is gmt+1 and I try to play a couple of hours a day. I'm not a high skilled player but we all started this way lol. Monria born player and played a bit on every planet. Hope it's...
  5. ShadowDragonV

    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Shadow ShadowDragonV Dragon

    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Shadow ShadowDragonV Dragon | Game experience --> I started my account on the 24th of September 2017. Born on Calypso, joining my husband Malgar. We spent our first few months there, exploring, getting to know the game. I did my discipleship under my mentor Lone...
  6. Natalie Yellow

    Heyoo :D

    Thanks so much for the support from everyone since i started still new though with lots to learn I hope we can all be friends :D Also i was told to look for a mentor so if anyone is looking for a student please message me :P
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