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Tedros 420

VCAT Team Member
| Introduction |

I would like to help new players learn to enjoy the game as much as I do. When starting out, the game can be very overwhelming. I offer my services to help make sense of it all, whatever your area of interest is within the Entropia Universe. I have already helped several players graduate (including Monrian born) and provided further assistance after graduating discipleship. It can be a game long relationship.

I started my Entropia Universe adventure in 2009, retiring until 2013 when started back full time, with a focus on the hunting end of the game, but can also offer insights and assistance into other areas.

I was born on Calypso, but have made Monria my home. :babycthulhu

| Availability |

I live in the United States, Central Standard Time. GMT -6

I generally play 4-12 hours a day, starting as early as 8 am, going as late as 12 am CST.

Always happy to help anyone, disciple or not.

Feel free to contact me here, in-game via pm or Monria chat for help! :sos
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