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🐉game experience: I made my account august 28th 2017, started on calypso as a F2P my first year so i could learn & grow my mentor gifted me a quad so i could explore. i mostly bounce around from planet to planet but always find my self drawn to toulan i love the storyline of the planet & its very new player friendly so i recommend it.
January 16th 2019 i made ⭐The Friendly Dragons⭐:) society & have been The Dragon Queen (The Leader) ever since.

🐉Mentor qualifications: i have currently had 4 graduates so far & mentor rank is at 4.5 ⭐ i have a discord that is a library of information if u stuck try the most common questions section on discord i probably already put the answer you are looking for & if not my society are always willing to help with questions or problems if i am not available at the time.

🐉time zone: i live in the UK & can speak English fluently & learning Spanish slowly my main mode of communication though voice chat on discord

🐉availability: i am online basically every day (i only take like 1-2 days off a month) i am kind of nocturnal so i tend to be online later in the day to stupid AM

🐉what i expect of you:
*discord is required since our info library is on our discord channel which will help u a ton. Join the ★The Friendly Dragons★☺ Discord Server! <-society server message as u enter this link is set to auto kick if no role is set & you disconnect.
*don't go offline 100+days (i will think you have disliked & left the game so will kick you)
*If you want to hunt with me just ask (you need 1 kill with me to graduate)

🐉what to expect of me:
*online basically everyday
*I want to buy your loots for crafting with (no sweat please)
*I will be your healer for decay only on young's & ^(no puny hunt)
*I offer graduation presents (2ped-5ped prizes)
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