Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.2.1

Toulan Genie

Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.2.1

June 18 2019



. Further analysis of Nawa Radiation has shown radiation fluctuation across the planet.

Vehicles are now fully functional anywhere on Toulan, except at The Narian Temple.

. New welcoming text box appears to arrivals from Space, guiding them towards the Citadel Area if they wish to start the beginner journey experience.


Miles Stardust

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VCAT Team Member
I went up to fly around Nahar City - I've always wanted to do that - and I was surprised to see (the shell of) the new building being constructed there. I'm looking forward to seeing, and going inside, the completed building.

I was also able to exchange all my Baydar Card Part Left's for ammo - thanks for getting that fixed.

Peace, Miles.

Littlestar b-k

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I don't know if it happened with this update but i can now loot mohkat hands and qaffaz tails to continue the questchain after cold cuts. I don't know if the dahar drop the needed part as i didn't do them. I'm now at a mining mission in exhange for clothes? This may take a wile as i don't really mine.
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