Problem with "waesh egg" quest.


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Hi everyone, I'm Esege, a new player to EU and planet Toulan.

Unfortunately while doing the waesh egg quest the sixth egg has no marker on the map and I'm thus unable to find it and complete it.

Is it a bug? Am I missing something? I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance and have a nice evening. c:

Eleni Von Estlla

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Hey Esege, my disciples have completed this quest yesterday, and they have had no issue whatsoever.
My guess is that you may have had a bug, and maybe would have need to re-log into the game, to refresh it.

Other misevent that may have occured, is that you need to "track" you quest, to make the waypoints active.

To do so, please press J and seek the said mission, then click on "track" to make all the waypoints active.

Hope this helps, and welcome to Planet Toulan :)


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EDIT: Just wanted everyone to know that thanks to Eleni I've found it! It was the egg on the ground, near the giant animal skeleton.

I had already found it, but it just didn't register it in the quest while taking the mark away.
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