Selling Chtylla tower shop Nr 5

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Cthylla Tower | Floor 9, Shop 5 / Spawn

This shop is now for sale.

I bought it for 7 CLD.
I am willing to let it go for 6 CLD. The display area is bugged ( all booths are as well). It's not a fault of the shop, but an entropia wide bug.
It still has 210 item in the main section.

So 6 CLD or 6x1850 ped = 11000 ped.

I will post screenshots of sales soon.
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Shop Owner
No idea how to send PMs on these forums, but will offer 8,000 PED for the Shop as that is what I've seen the last 2 go for on Level 9 of the towers. Shop #2 in Cthylla sold yesterday for 8,000 PED also, was actually trying for that one but someone beat me to it.


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Glad you were able to sell it, and as such, I shall close this thread.

I will set the new owner up as soon as I hear from him.
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