Selling CrazyShadow Cthulhu Tower Shop #1

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I am taking offers on Monria Shop at Cthulhu Tower Shop#1 due to low time available to manage it properly. RL job is taking most of my time and unfortunately I dont have as much time as before to play.

200 Item points
10 Item points in display area
10 Item points in additional area
2 floors

I can sell deeds only or with furniture/decorations and/or current inventory (see detail below)

Im not selling inventory or furniture individually.

Current furniture/decoration:

Item TT value

Opto Sign 3,23
Reon-S Sign (PC) 12,09
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 0,69
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 0,73
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 0,71
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 0,72
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 0,74
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 0,75
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 0,70
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf 0,71
Classic Winston Long Table 4,85
Cultist Skull 15,60
Cultist Skull 15,60
Curved Retail Counter (C) 7,57
Curved Retail Counter (C) 4,00
Curved Retail Counter (C) 3,82
Curved Retail Counter (C) 5,05
Curved Retail Counter (C) 3,74
Drake Head 0,10
Human Skull 6,85
Jamora Shelf (C) 4,00
Jamora Shelf (C) 4,47
Karmoosh Statue 16,10
Khorum City Artistic Representation 13,25
MegaView Sign (PC) 8,95
Retail Counter 1,2 (C) 1,85
Retail Counter 1,2 (C) 5,18
Retail Counter 1,2 (C) 3,79
Retail Counter 1,2 (C) 1,93
Retail Counter 1,8 (C) 2,71
Retail Counter 1,8 (C) 2,60
Retail Display Table (C) 3,37
Retail Display Table (C) 3,96
Retail Display Table (C) 3,44
Shark Head 0,10
Shub Skull 15,60
Small Green Display Panel (D) 7,27
Visique Screen (PC) 30,59
Xlite-S Screen (PC) 25,95
Zombie Kong Blue Poster 32,23

TOTAL: 275,75 PED

For current inventory please contact me for full list.



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Good luck with the Sale crazy


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Im sorry to hear that Crazy and oh how I know that feeling :/ This may be personal and don't answer if you don't wish to but is the job going to be this way all the time, or just going through a rough patch? My thinking, maybe in a few months you can get back to a more leisurely lifestyle so you can run it and have other fun. Ive been neglecting mine as well, not by choice but even if it just gets residual income for you might want to consider holding it.

Whatever you have to do, I wish you the best of luck and hope you can get some free time to visit us.



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Really sorry to hear this, because you've been such a valuable member of our community with your contributions and helpfulness. However, it's certainly understandable that RL can get in the way, but of course, that comes first. I wish you success with the sale of your shop, and the very best with everything else. Thank you for your service.

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*sighs softly in longing* ah'm sorry IRL reared it's Head. Your place is one of Mah favorite shops to visit. It has helped me grow immensely and if ah could Jus get that Gigantic to fall for me.... *licks her lips* at any rate, Speedy fortunes with the sale.


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Im glad you finally got your shop sold there Crazy. Even better that it got sold do a decent person.
Hope to see you around still when you can.
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